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He didn’t show anyone his emotions, not even Claire. That shit was for the weak, a male who wasn’t prepared to kill with his bare hands to watch over his club and his family.

But, he supposed, coming in and helping her with the debt for her brother wasn’t exactly acting like he didn’t give a shit.

He continued to watch her, his cock hard as he followed her around the bar. She fit in, even after only being here for a few hours. She knew how to play the part, that was for sure.

Butters grabbed a bottle of whiskey and tilted it in her hands. She had on a crop top, her tits big and bouncing as she moved. After she’d taken a shower, he’d told her to change into something slutty, something revealing.

Of course, that had been for his benefit alone. He could have fucked her right there against his front door, not waited, but he was a patient guy, knew how to bide his time. Waiting would make being with her even better.

There was no doubt Butters knew how to tempt a man, to tease and arouse the crowd, even if he could see in her eyes she was detached from it all. She was the type of woman who, if one of them got too close to her without an invitation, she would cut their balls off.

He’d seen her anger before, and fuck, did that turn him on. He didn’t want a weak woman. He wanted a partner, even if only between the sheets, who could hold her own.

He might have agreed to have her here to work, to keep a low profile, keep the guys liquored-up, entertained, and to give him some eye candy, but the fact remained…he watched her, obsessed about her, more times than he should.

She was his, whether she wanted to be or not, and he’d have that sweet ass sooner rather than later.

Hell, he didn’t have to pay for pussy. But as much as he wanted this to just be about sex, the truth was he felt something more for her.

It had only taken her denying him, her smartass mouth, and his growing obsession for her that had him willing to do whatever the fuck she wanted. Of course, he’d never admit that to anyone, didn’t even really like admitting that to himself.

He’d used her situation at home, the fact she was desperate for money as a tool, a pawn, in getting what he wanted. And because of that, he was willing to bend for her. He was a sick fuck, determined to get what he desired, and what he lusted after with a fierceness that rivaled anything else was her.

When he finally had her in his bed, he’d fuck Butters until she couldn’t walk straight for the next week.

Mayhem grabbed his beer and finished it off, watching her the entire time. He could hear Bishop and Cricket laughing drunkenly. They were from another charter and were passing through but were crashing at the clubhouse for the night.

“I need some pussy and whiskey,” Cricket hollered out.

“Give us pussy. We’ve been riding all damn day. I need my dick to be so worked over it’s fucking numb,” Bishop yelled out, both of the bikers drunk. A couple of the sweet-butts walked up to them, and they grabbed the women around the waist and hauled them onto their laps.

Cricket started motor-boating the club whore’s tits he held, and Bishop had his hand snaked up the skirt of the bitch on his lap.

Mayhem turned his attention away from Bishop and Cricket and looked at Butters again. She was now on the bar, dancing for the guys, making the sweet-butts jealous. Most of the club whores who hung out at the MC were only after getting their pussies filled with dick, but there were a couple that he’d seen who wanted more, wanted to be an old lady.

But a biker didn’t want some used up cunt, at least Mayhem didn’t. He didn’t want an old lady who his brothers all had their dicks shoved up inside.

“Hey, Mayhem.”

He turned his head and saw Easy, one of the sweet-butts who had gotten her name for obvious reasons, walking toward him. She was in some high as hell “fuck-me” heels, a skirt short enough he knew if she bent over he’d get a prime shot of her pussy and ass, and a shirt that was white enough he could see her nipples and areolas as clearly as if she hadn’t worn anything at all.

Mayhem turned back and looked at Butters, and when Easy walked closer, he knew she clearly wasn’t taking the not-so-subtle hint that he wasn’t interested.

“Mayhem, when are you going to let me have some of that cock?” she said without having any kind of shame. Easy leaned against his table, her ass knocking over his empty beer bottle.

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