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I hammer into her quickly again and again. “Pinch your tits. Get there fast.”

She squeezes her perfect little nipples then she explodes all over me, drenching me in her juices. My balls draw tight at the pleasure on her face. But I push back against my own need for release, determined to make this good for her.

I pound into her tight body until she goes limp in my arms. Only then do I let myself paint her womb with my come. Spurt after sticky spurt goes deep into her body, reminding her of who she belongs to.

She’s boneless and exhausted after. I shut off the water and dry her before wrapping her in a towel and carrying her to our bed. She snuggles underneath the blankets and gives me a sated smile. “I think we should host the book club here. Then I don’t have to drive home.”

“I think I would end up fucking you in front of your friends,” I answer.

She makes a whimper, and I file that away for later. We’re just discovering the things we like, just now finding our sexual tastes. It’s amazing to get to share this with her, to explore this together.

I settle next to her on the bed, burrowing under the covers with her. We’re wrapped up in each other, cocooned in our own little world. “There’s something I want from you. Or rather for you.”

“If it’s more orgasms, I’m in.” Her hand absently strokes my chest.

“It has to do with paperwork.”

She fights a yawn and loses. “You already added me to the property deed for this place and the gym. There can’t be anything left to give me.”

It’s true that I’ve made her a partner in every way. Legally, she has half of this cabin and the property it sits on. She’s a co-guardian of Ollie. She owns half the gym, half my app company, and all of my heart.

Despite all of this, she doesn’t want a cent. When I noticed she wasn’t spending anything from my bank account, I figured she was feeling shy or nervous. So I set her up with an account that’s only in her name. She still won’t spend anything. She insists it’s because there’s nothing more she wants in life than the family I’ve given her.

But there is one more thing she wants. One thing I can give her. “I was thinking more like college applications.”

She arches an eyebrow at me. “Do you want another degree?”

“No, I want you to go to school. If it’s still your dream to be a pediatrician, then you should see that through.” I won’t have her give up on her dreams for me or Ollie. She deserves to pursue the things that are important to her.

She swallows. “I want that too. But Ollie is so little. I know you mentioned daycare as an option, and it works for a lot of families. But I’m not ready for that just yet. Maybe when he’s older.”

“What if we split the time with him? I’ve been setting things in place so I can take more time away from the gym. I’ll watch over Ollie while you’re at class, and we’ll figure the rest of it out as we come to it.”

“That’s why you’ve been working so hard with Susie, isn’t it?”

I nod and capture her hand. I bring it to my lips and press a gentle kiss to her palm. “You don’t have to choose between your dreams and our family. I’ll always be the one cheering you on and encouraging you to go after them.”

She’s quiet for a long moment. “There are probably some scholarships I’m eligible for and—”

I frown at her. I know she’s used to doing everything by herself, but she doesn’t have to anymore. She doesn’t have to work herself to the bone or worry about where her next meal is coming from. “Or you could accept that your husband is a millionaire and let him help you.”

She opens her mouth to argue with me but I kiss her instead. I sweep into her mouth and stroke her tongue with my own. She relaxes into me and sighs when I pull away. “That is a very convincing counterargument.”

I chuckle. “Just let me take care of you.”

“Only if I can take care of you too,” she teases as she reaches for me under the covers.

I’ll cheer my wife on as she goes after every one of her dreams and be her loudest supporter along the way. She’s amazing, and I plan to spend the rest of my life showing her that.



I walk downthe stone steps, leaving behind the warmth of the college building. There’s a slight chill in the autumn air. Normally, my husband picks me up from my college classes, but he had a business meeting this afternoon. He did text me to tell me he loves me and that he’s thinking of me.

I texted him a sexy picture I took in our bathroom this morning. I’m sure he’ll get me back later tonight by holding me down and giving me endless orgasms. The thought has me smiling as I get into my shiny red car. He insisted on buying me a brand-new vehicle as soon as he realized I’d be traveling between Courage County and Asheville for my college classes.

I finished my freshman year requirements over the summer. Now I’m starting my sophomore year. I love all my courses, and I can’t wait to get my prerequisites done so I can start on the path to studying medicine.

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