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Some vestige of my former self makes me blush at the compliment. I’ve become used to being naked. I haven’t worn a stitch of clothing since I arrived here, maybe five days ago now. Five days. It might have only been a week ago that I was on that airplane. So much has happened. But to have Bodhi staring at me so worshipfully is sort of flattering. “You’re beautiful, too, Bodhi,” I tell him, because he is.

He smiles again and the whiteness of his teeth emphasizes his tan. He turns and crouches, and I climb onto his back.

Carefully, and with that inhuman strength I’ve become used to, Bodhi climbs down the rope with me holding onto him tightly.

We reach the ground and he says, “Stay on my back. I’ll carry you to our hut. Evie, this is Loki.”

Loki, like Bodhi, is lean but beautifully built. He has dark brown hair that hangs almost to his shoulders. I notice as he stares at me that his eyes are a light silvery-gray, like a wolf’s, with a mischievous twinkle. He could be a male model, with his cinnamon-hued skin and his dazzling male beauty. Both of them could. It’s hard not to notice that Loki is also naked, aside from a weapons belt hung across his chest.

They’re more playful than my other men. Loki is grinning at me, sort of hungrily.

Is it strange that I’m thinking, how did I get this lucky?

They’re insanely beautiful men, less brutish than my other lovers. And their lust is lazier, without that edge of crazy desperation. At a guess, I’d say that they slake their desire with each other. I can feel their connection.

“Hi, Evie,” Loki says. He kisses my mouth, dipping his tongue between my lips. A week ago, his kiss would have shocked me beyond belief. Now, I’m more worldly, to say the least. My feminine lust has been awakened. Gently, I suck on Loki’s tongue and he groans. When he pulls away, his flashing eyes are darker, and his big cock is rigid and taut against his stomach.

If they live together … will they take me together?

It seems likely. The thought doesn’t scare me.

Secretly, it excites me. My pussy is already starting to get wet. I’m used to this anticipation now. I want to touch them and play with them.

Bodhi starts carrying me and Loki walks behind us. They’re very quiet. You can tell they’re good at tracking and being all but undetectable in the rainforest.

We come to cluster of trees. I notice there’s a rope ladder hanging from one of them. Bodhi sets me down. “Do you think you can climb it or do you want me to carry you?”

“I can climb.”

I glance to see Loki standing very close to me. He kisses me again, one of those open-mouthed, lusty kisses like before. His rock-hard cock is leaking with moisture.

We can hardly wait.

I turn and starting climbing up the rope ladder. I know they can see how wet my pussy is. I like this. It’s a little daunting to think about taking both of them at once, but I want to try. I’ve taken Drake and Quade—and Quade took both my openings. I’m going to invite them and give myself completely to these beautiful boys. Clearly they’re fully grown and exceptionally virile young men, but they’re more boyish than Drake or Quade. I wonder if they might be a year or two younger, and closer to my age.

I reach the top of the rope and climb into their tree hut.

It’s very rustic but homely. It has a more decorative flair than either Drake or Quade’s houses did. They’ve made a bed with a makeshift mattress and a fur blanket.

They both climb up into the tree house. Bodhi pulls the rope ladder up behind us.

They’re not shy or hesitant. Loki takes my hand and gently pulls me towards the bed. “Lay here and let me look at you,” he says.

I do. I let their gazes rove the sight of my womanly curves.

They lay on either side of me. I let them slide their warm hands over my skin. They each suckle a nipple into their mouths.

It’s different making love to two men at the same time. They’re very in tune with each other. They kiss each other then they take turns kissing me. Their tongues are bold and skilled. Both of their cocks are touching my hips and I take one in each hand. This makes them groan. I rub their cocks in my fists, touching the tips of them together. Then I climb onto my knees so I can suck the moisture from their seeping slits. I take my time with them, sucking on one, then the other. I use my hands to caress them until their cocks are engorged and hot. Loki’s seed pumps out first and I drink it in greedy mouthfuls and lick it off of Bodhi’s cock, which makes him come, too, in milky bursts. I drink as much as I can, then I lick both of them clean, carefully, until they’re fully hard again. It’s weird how much … nourishment I’m getting from my lovers. I already feel like I’m getting curvier and putting on a little bit of weight from all the seed I’ve been drinking.

Bodhi lays back and Loki gently pushes me onto him, so I’m lying on top of Bodhi. He holds my face between his warm hands and kisses me, and these almost feel like real first kisses. Sort of careful and affectionate. “You’re so pretty,” he tells me.

I feel Loki’s hands on my backside. He’s lifting my hips and positioning me so I’m straddling Bodhi. I can feel Loki’s mouth on me. And on Bodhi. Loki’s sucking on Bodhi’s cock. Then he licks my pussy. “Fuck, you taste so sweet, Evie. Like nectar.”

Loki puts the slick head of Bodhi’s cock against my pussy, rubbing me with it. With Loki’s help, Bodhi’s cock slides deeper inside me, until I’m lying on top of Bodhi, kissing him, while Loki’s tongue licks us both as Bodhi holds my hips and thrusts into me.

It feels so incredibly good.

They’re not as rough as my other lovers. Not that I minded the roughness. I liked it. And I like this, too. I like the slippery slide of Bodhi’s thick cock inside me, and the careful, measured lick of Loki’s tongue.