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“I could shoot them with arrows,” says Loki.

“No,” I say again. It’s clearly going to be up to me to keep the peace.

They’ll fight for me, they’ve told me this. And Drake’s words echo. I’ll kill to keep you.

“We’re throwing the rope down,” I tell them. “You’re going to have to share me.”

It’s the only way to stop them from killing each other.

I don’t mind. In fact, I want to. After the unending lust, love, roughness, tenderness, beauty, enlightenment and everything in between over the past ten days, I’ve changed. I’m a vessel for them to fill. I’m the giver and the receiver. I can love all of them.

“Throw the rope down,” I order Bodhi.

He scowls at me. “No.”

“Yes. You have to.” I kiss Loki. Then I kiss Bodhi. “I’ll come back to you and we can be together again. I love you. But I love Drake and Quade, too. And we all have to live together on this island.”

“If you love us,” comments Loki, “just wait until you meet Knox.”

I throw the rope ladder down and as I look over the edge, I can see Drake. And Quade.

And another man.

It must be Knox.

He’s tall and broad and built. He has black hair and he’s leaning one shoulder against a palm tree. There’s something relaxed and insolent about him, even from this distance.

I almost wish I had something to wear as I climb down this rope ladder.

But I guess it’s a little late for concerns like that.

Before I climb over the edge, Loki slides his warm palm around the nape of my neck and stares into my eyes. “We’ll steal you again, Evie. I don’t want to let you go.”

Bodhi’s behind me and I can feel his warmth even before he wraps his arms around me.

“You won’t need to steal me,” I tell them. “I’ll run away to come back to you if I have to. I just don’t want anyone fighting. Come down with me.”

They both kiss me again and I’m surprised to feel tears welling in my eyes. I do love them. I love how beautiful they are. I love that they’re such tender, thorough lovers.

“Evie!” shouts Quade. “Are you coming down or are we coming up?”

I break my kiss with Bodhi. He and Loki are both getting hard again, but they’ll have to wait. I go over to the edge. “I’m coming down.”

Carefully, I lower myself over the edge of the tree hut and climb down the rope ladder.

Until I’m standing on the ground. “Hi Drake,” I say shyly. He’s glowering but as soon as his eyes meet mine, his expression softens.

“Evie,” he says, stepping closer. He weaves his fingers through mine possessively.

Quade takes my other hand and I turn to look up into his blue eyes. I’m stunned again by the masculine beauty of my men.

And then I turn to look at the fifth man.

All my men are gorgeous, and this Knox might even be the most gorgeous of all of them. He has blue-black hair and bright blue eyes. He’s very tan. His shoulders are immense and very muscular. He has the kind of face and eyes and hair and body that movie stars get cast for, even when they can’t act. He has a lazy, confident swagger that’s basically to die for.

“You must be Evie,” he says. His voice is deep. His eyes blaze, then his gaze slowly lowers, drinking in every inch of me. “Their descriptions didn’t do you justice. And it’s my turn.”

I notice then that in his hand he’s carrying a large, very sharp-looking hunting knife. It’s the first thing I’ve seen on this island that isn’t homemade. Maybe the one thing they rescued from their plane that crashed. That it’s in Knox’s possession suggests that he holds a certain amount of power.

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