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“How old are you, Layla?”

“I’ll be eighteen on Saturday.”

“Happy birthday. We’ll have to celebrate, won’t we? You should come over to my place.”

“That would be so fun. Can I swim in your pool?”

“Of course.”

“Mommy wants me to go change before dinner,” I tell him.

“I like your bikini.”

“You do? You don’t think it’s too small?”

“No. I think it’s perfect. I think you should leave it on.”

I’m starting to understand why Mommy would want to cook for Dallas. I want to keep my bikini on. Just because he asked me to. I twirl a strand of my long, sun-bleached hair around one finger. I smile at him because he seems so nice. “Okay.”

“Dinner’s ready,” Mommy calls from inside.

I wish I could keep talking to Dallas. Talking to him feels like a game. Like we’re teasing each other.

I’m still holding his hand so I lead him back inside.

We eat dinner and Dallas says it’s the best meal he’s had in a while, but then he winks at me. I try not to laugh because I know he’s lying.

“There’s something I want to ask you two,” Dallas says. “Kathy, I’d like you—and Layla, too, of course—to move in with me.”

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He’s on the hunt …

Jasmine has to walk through the woods every day to get home from school. She feels like she's being watched. And followed. She hopes it’s just her imagination.

It's not.

One day she’s kidnapped by a mountain man who has secretly been stalking and coveting her for weeks, since the very first moment he saw her.

The mountain man is huge, gruff and inhumanly strong. He takes Jasmine to a remote mountain cabin and keeps her as his captive, for his own twisted pleasure. And hers.

When Jasmine finally finds a chance to escape … will she take it? Or has she become too addicted to the things her mountain man can do?

**This book is totally taboo and extremely dirty. It contains explicit forbidden love scenes, adult language and possible triggers. For readers who enjoy very naughty OTT forced-pleasure romance and insanely possessive alphas, here’s a fun quickie guaranteed to ignite your kindle. 18+

“See you later, Jasmine,” my friend Emily says, walking away with her brother. Emily’s lucky to have an older brother. Someone to protect and her and look out for her when the big bad wolves come knocking.

Not that I have big bad wolves knocking. But I sometimes feel like someone’s watching me. I have to walk a mile through the woods every day to get to school, and a mile home again. At this time of the year, it’s getting dark by the time I get home, and today I’m running late. Daylight is already dimming and the sky is overcast.

My friend Paige is lucky. Her parents bought her a car. Sometimes she gives me a ride to the end of my road, but it’s out of her way, and today she has band practice.

I start walking towards my path through the woods.

It feels eerie, like it always does. Lately, my walk has felt even spookier than usual. Every day for the past week, I’ve had that prickly feeling I’m being watched.

I told myself I was imagining things, that it was just my fear getting the better of me. I never hear anyone. And I’ve never seen anyone.

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