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Thank you.

I’ve drifted onto a beach!

It’s the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen, with white sand and that turquoise-colored water. There are palm trees. A whole forest of them, leading deeper into the island.


Maybe there are people on this island.

MAYBE THERE’S WATER. There must be water.

I sit up.

I’m dizzy. My balance feels off. I try to climb out of the raft and my panties catch on one of the plastic loops where a small rope is attached.


I try to salvage my panties but it’s no use. They’re beyond repair. The tiny shred of cotton falls off.

Oh, that’s just great.

Now I’m completely naked.

Except for my socks. I take them off, too, because who wants to walk along the beach in only a pair of socks?

I don’t actually care about what I’m wearing. Or not wearing. The only thing I care about is finding water.

I pull my raft further up the beach to make sure it doesn’t float away.

I look around tentatively. I can’t see any signs of civilization. At all. But it’s a tropical island, so there must be fresh water somewhere. Maybe inland.

I walk down the beach, looking for a path or a stream or anything that might look promising.

That’s when I see something. It almost looks like a small hut, with palm fronds as its roof. Am I imagining things?

But, no. As I walk a little closer, I can see that rocks have been put in a circle. There are a few charred logs inside the circle. Someone had a campfire.

But then I stop in my tracks.

Because someone steps out from behind the hut.

A man.

A huge, muscular man. Very huge. And very muscular. He’s deeply tanned and his dark hair is unruly. He has dark hair on his chest. The only thing he’s wearing is a rough-sewn cloth, wrapped around his lean waist. Almost like a loin cloth. Across his chest is a leather strap with knives and primitive-looking rock and bone tools strung to it.

He’s the meanest, strongest, toughest-looking man I have ever seen in my life.

Behind my fear, I can admit he’s also … handsome. Like, insanely good-looking, in a wild, savage kind of a way.

He’s also dangerous, I can immediately sense this.

Holy shit.

I don’t think he’s seen me. He’s carrying wood, like he might start his fire again.

I take a step back.

I need to hide.

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