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He knew her climax sounds now, could tell from her breathing she was close.

Fuck. He was too.

Reaching out, he found her hair. Using a firm grip, he guided her upper body toward him, wrapping his free arm around her so he could touch her breast, squeezing it, pinching her nipple. The two of them continued moving into each other, closer—so fucking close—to the brink.

Releasing her hair, he shifted his fingers lower, stroking her clit. Just a half dozen rough touches and it was over. For her and for him.

Her pussy muscles contracted, squeezing his cock so hard, he saw stars as he came. He grunted loudly as she—once again—fell silently, with a hard jerk that had her body going stiff before the air seeped out of her in one long exhale.

He could get addicted to that response. That sound. Big time.

She was the first to move, falling forward, facedown. Her breathing growing softer, slower.

She was asleep within seconds.

He chuckled quietly, tugged off the condom, tossing it toward where he thought his trash can was, then he followed her down, spooning her from behind, feeling like a teenage boy with his first girlfriend, almost fucking giddy.

She was perfect for him.

In bed.

If only he felt this happy with her outside of the bedroom.

Chapter Five

Kelli awoke with a start, confused. The room was pitch-black, which was weird. Her bedroom was never this dark. The streetlights outside always ensured she could see around the room.

An arm around her waist shifted as a hand snaked up to cup her breast—and suddenly she remembered.

The party. The blackout. The game.

She’d passed out in Colm’s room after too much wine, finished partying for the night. What she hadn’t counted on was Robbie crawling into bed with her.

She vaguely recalled him waking her up, whispering to ask if they were doing this. She’d been too confused to respond, and then too late to ask what he meant because he’d started kissing her.

Kelli hadn’t recalled Robbie’s kisses being so…God…so fucking hot. The two of them hadn’t slept together in college. They’d really only gone out on a handful of dates, until one night, they’d both admitted they were better off as friends. While she found Robbie physically attractive—then and now—she hadn’t felt any sexual attraction toward him, and he’d confessed the same.

Colm claimed her type of guy was one she could control. That she wanted relationships where she called the shots. But he’d been wrong. He’d mistaken what she wanted with what she’d always, unfortunately, found—weak-willed guys who were all too happy to follow her lead. It was why she’d always walked away…bored and frustrated.

None of that had been present in Robbie tonight. When their three-decades-long kiss ended earlier, she’d started to ask him what the hell he was doing.

But he’d floored her when he’d placed his fingers on her lips and shushed her. It was a tiny gesture that had packed a wallop for some reason. Perhaps because it had felt like a command rather than a request.

And she’d consumed just enough wine and vodka and tequila—and suffered far too many lonely nights lately—to resist it.

She and Robbie hadn’t really discussed the hows of his sperm donation, though the man was a science teacher, for God’s sake, so she figured he had to know it wouldn’t involve sex. But…she hadn’t spelled that out either. In her defense, he’d only just said yes at dinner, and they’d agreed to wait until the Christmas break to—Jesus—transfer the funds.

Thanks so much for that description, Colm.

Anyway, Robbie had said yes, and that was where the conversation had ended.

If she’d had a clearer head—and more time—she probably would have called a halt to tonight’s sexcapade, but Robbie kept distracting her with amazing kisses and—holy crap—the guy had managed to find approximately fifty-nine erogenous zones on her body she didn’t even know about. After that, she didn’t give a damn about anything other than coming.

She must have fallen asleep after the last earth-shattering orgasm, though she didn’t have a clue how long she’d been out.

Robbie placed another soft kiss on her shoulder, and she opened her mouth, about to ask if he was ready for round two.

She didn’t say it though. They’d spent the entire evening in this bed, blind and mute, and fuck if it didn’t turn her on. She wasn’t ready to end that game. There would be plenty of time to talk this out tomorrow.

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