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Sunnie leaned back and pretended to consider the question. “That’s a tough one. Because, damn, there’s just so much material to use.”

Kelli sighed heavily, but Sunnie was only just getting going.

“I mean, a picture is starting to form of you and Colm in bed together. I can almost see him playing the cocky macho card the entire time, pissing you off, while he loses his shit every time you tell him what he’s doing wrong and how to correct it.”

Darcy and Yvonne both tried to hide their giggles behind their hands.

Kelli would love to be annoyed by this whole conversation, but the truth was…it was exactly what she needed. She’d been too in her head the past couple of days, worrying about something that really, actually, was pretty funny.

At least on the surface.

If she could just focus on the humor of the situation, she’d have already forgotten and moved on. But…she couldn’t let go of the way it felt to be held by him, the way he kissed her as if he couldn’t get enough, the way he slid deep inside, filling her, touching places she hadn’t even known existed.

Everything Sunnie had said about their personalities and the way she and Colm had always communicated in the past was true, so she wasn’t wrong to think that would carry over to the bedroom.

Except it hadn’t.

Of course, he’d thought she was Brooke. What if that was why it had been so great? And who was to say that if they decided to have sex again, it wouldn’t turn out exactly as Sunnie described? They’d taken talking…and vision…off the table the other night. That wouldn’t be the case if they went back for seconds. “So what you’re saying is, forget it. It’ll never work.”

Sunnie sobered up, and for the first time, Kelli could see her friend was suddenly taking her seriously. “No,” she said after a moment of reflection. “I’m not. It’s obvious something happened between you two that night. Something that’s shaken you up a little. And I’m glad.”

“You’re glad I’m shaken up?”

Sunnie nodded. “Yeah. You needed to have your foundation rocked. I don’t think that’s happened to you in a very long time. If ever. And the thing is…that’s what makes life worth living.”

Kelli hadn’t considered that, but she could see now that Sunnie was right. She’d merely been existing the past year or…maybe decade. Stuck in a rut, miserable, lonely.

Sunnie ran her finger around the rim of her margarita glass, sucking the sugar off the tip as she thought. “If you’d had amazing sex with any other guy in the world, you’d be going back for seconds, right?”

Kelli nodded. “And thirds. And fourths. And—”

“Wow. Go Colm,” Darcy murmured.

“So why aren’t you going for that now?” Yvonne asked.

“You all think I should just go with the flow? With Colm?” she stressed.

Yvonne nodded and smiled. “Yes. That’s exactly what you should do.”

“And when it blows up in my face?”

Yvonne rolled her eyes. “Always so negative, Eeyore. Always waiting for things to fall apart.”

“Because they always do!”

“Until they don’t,” Yvonne added. “And then…it’s perfect, and completely worth the risk.”

“Spoken like a true Collins.” Kelli smiled as she said it, then considered their advice, realizing she hadn’t given them all the facts.

Kelli hadn’t told her girlfriends about wanting a baby. She wasn’t sure why she was holding that part back.

This whole conversation was probably moot because the fact still remained that she still wanted to move forward with the baby plan.

Though she didn’t have a clue exactly how that was going to happen at the moment. Colm hadn’t been on her original list and he still wasn’t because she knew he and Padraig had more in common than just looks. Colm wouldn’t “gift” her sperm and walk away, and things between them were complicated enough without adding a baby wrinkle to things.

And now she was worried about Robbie’s participation because she didn’t have a clue what was going on between him and Brooke.

Regardless of all of that, her decision to have a baby had been made months ago, and it was rock solid. Her wild night with Colm hadn’t changed that at all.

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