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“No. Turn around.” He already had her halfway to the position he wanted before he finished speaking, bending her over the sink, pulling her ass toward him.

He shoved back in roughly, loving the way she cried out, “Yes. God! Yes!”

Colm watched her face in the reflection of the mirror, her gaze locked on his as well.

Over and over, he took her. It was hard and fast and practically primal. When her cheeks flushed a deeper red and her breathing grew erratic, he knew she was close.

Colm slowed his thrusts as he bent over her back, his lips by her ear. “Don’t hold back, Kelli. I want to watch you come.”

She started to nod, but he wasn’t finished.

“But just know I’m not stopping. I’m gonna keep fucking you all the way through your orgasm. I’m going to make sure it lasts, going to draw it out until it hurts, until you’re begging me to stop.”

Kelli shuddered, though the response couldn’t be mistaken as anything other than pure hunger. “Please,” she whispered.

“Then I’m going to make you do it all over again when I come.”

She was gasping for air, and Colm could swear he almost saw her trying to prepare herself, trying to get ready for exactly what he promised.

He couldn’t hold back his grin, couldn’t keep it from growing when she narrowed her eyes. He was still moving inside her, but it was too slow to push her over.

Teasing her was second nature to him, something he’d always loved, but now, bringing it here, to this…

His eyes had been opened. And he’d never seen anything more perfect.

“All talk, Colm?” she asked breathlessly. “No action?”

He chuckled, making sure to infuse a warning in the sound. “Always poking the bear.”

“At least someone in this room is pok—”

That was as much of the joke as she managed. Colm slammed into her roughly, his fingers gripping her hips so tight, he knew she was going to bruise. He liked the idea of that, wanted her wearing his marks, wearing a reminder of exactly how he’d taken her.

Maybe it would even help her realize who he was going to be to her.

She didn’t yet.

But she would soon.

Kelli’s cries grew louder, and he hoped Oliver and Gavin stayed down in the pub, ordered a second round—maybe even a third.

Her orgasm struck hard, and Colm clenched his teeth so tightly, he worried about breaking his own jaw.

“Jesus.” He’d told her what he was going to do, but there was nothing like the feeling of Kelli coming on his dick, her orgasm squeezing him so tight, it wasn’t just her who was feeling the pain.

Kelli trembled as her orgasm started to wane, her head falling forward, hiding her face.

He reached up and grasped her hair, drawing her head back up so he could see her eyes reflected in the mirror once more.

Colm wasn’t gentle about it. Not that he needed to worry. Kelli’s back arched into the strong grip and—fuck him—she came again. This one even harder than the first.

She called out his name, the single syllable broken, beautiful. “Colm!”

This time, he slowed his pace. It was the only way he could regain control, could hold off his own imminent climax.

Kelli shuddered and shook as the last vestiges of her orgasm faded. He watched her face through it all and knew he’d never see anything more beautiful.

Releasing her hair, he gently rubbed her scalp. Then he pulled out.

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