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Julia’s eyes went wide as she struggled to continue their argument. The words died as he turned up the heat by leaning down to press his lips softly to hers. She moaned as his mouth skated over her lips and he continued his assault.

Breaking the kiss, he studied her until he was sure all her damned overanalyzing thoughts were swept away by the pressure of his hands on her body.

At a loss as to how to convince his shy angel to take a chance on him without feeling threatened, Ross took the coward’s way out. Rather than speaking, he let his hands do the talking.

Julia’s main problem in forming lasting relationships was her fear of losing someone she loved. Her parents’ untimely deaths had wrecked her emotionally. Without any other family or friends around her at the time, she’d had no anchor to cling to and so she had escaped into her own false reality.

Hiding behind her writing exacerbated the problem as she allowed the lives and romances of her characters to satisfy her socially. Pretending to be the heroine in her novels, she could flee the dangers a true liaison would involve. In her mind, love equated loss and after so many years alone, she seemed unwilling to take that risk again.

Of course, the cat dying hadn’t helped his cause either. The fresh loss of the beloved creature only served to magnify the pain of losing a loved one again.

The only way Ross could see himself forming a lasting relationship with her was by tricking her into it. If she thought he was only having sex with her to help her with her new book, she would be more willing to take the chance. And once he had her addicted to his touch and attention, it would be only a small step to getting her exactly where he wanted her—in his bed, home and life.


At least that was what he hoped.

When he felt her reaching the peak once again, he asked, “Haven’t you ever dreamed about this? About us?”

“You’ll laugh at me if I tell you about my dreams,” she replied breathlessly.

“Am I in them?”

Her sudden blush answered his question.

“Ah ha. Why the hell would I laugh at you? For fantasizing about me? Brown Eyes, that’s a compliment, not a joke.”

“Ross, I’m not exactly, you know.” She waved her damned hands around again as if that action should explain everything.

“No, I don’t know.”

“I’m not beautiful,” she said quickly, in her too-forthright fashion, unleashing all her fears on him at once. “My boobs are too big, my ass is lumpy, I’m carrying at least twenty pounds too many and I have no idea how to have an orgasm. What on earth could you possibly find desirable about any of that?”

Smiling, Ross bent down to kiss her adorable nose. “Your tits are gorgeous, your ass absolutely grabbable, I hate thin women, and I can teach you how to have an orgasm in about a minute and a half. Any other questions?”

“Is grabbable a word?” Some of her previous tension disappeared as she graced him with a shy smile.

“In regards to your delectable rear end, it should be. I’ll put in a call to Webster’s as soon as we get back to the city and make sure they include it in the next edition of the dictionary.”

“You really want me?” she asked again, clearly unable to believe his words.

“More than anything. Willing to give it a try?” His hands gripped her waist in a manner he was certain betrayed his need.

“Well, I suppose, in the interest of research, I could be persuaded. I have this unbelievably demanding editor who is insisting on an erotic novel.”

“Man sounds like a slave driver,” Ross joked, thrilled to be teasing a half-naked Jules in bed.

She laughed. “Well, with any luck he is.”

Ross’s cock rose another three inches. “Talk about tugging on the tiger’s tail. Are we finished talking now?”

“Yes, we’re finished talking.” She snuggled closer to him.

“There’s this saying that comes to mind.” Ross lifted Julia and placed her on her back in the center of the bed.

“What saying?” Julia asked breathlessly.

“Start as you intend to finish.”

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