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Still…it was not enough. I craved more.

As if sensing my agitation, Regin pulled free.

“Get on the bed,” he ordered.

I rose from the floor and gingerly sat on the edge of the bed.

Grabbing my breast and giving the soft flesh a squeeze, Regin then forced me onto my back, my legs still dangling. Slapping my inner thigh, he forced my limbs open. Without warning, he shoved two fingers inside my still sore and swollen passage.

My mouth opened on a shocked gasp.

“Your cunt is wet.”

The short, crude remark sent a shock of awareness down my body. Yes.

Regin forced a third finger inside of me.

I groaned as my body opened for him.

Using his grip between my legs, he pushed forward with his hand, guiding me onto the center of the bed with my own sex. I could hear him kick off his boots, could hear the slide of his breeches as they hit the floor. The bed dipped with his weight. His fingers pulled free and I felt empty. Instead of lying beside me, he straddled my head, his knees resting on my long hair, holding my head immobile. Roughly grabbing my face again, he once more pushed my jaw open before shoving his three fingers into my mouth.

I bucked upward, my shoulders hunching as I gagged from the intrusion. He pulled them free and I coughed as spittle glistened on my lips. The moment I took in a harsh, ragged breath, he pushed his fingers back into my mouth.

“That’s right. Open that mouth up.”

Leaning over my prone body, he whispered roughly into my ear, “I’m going to skull fuck this beautiful mouth of yours.”

I tried to speak but the words were garbled and nonsensical with half his fist forcing my lips open.

Rising on his knees, he pulled his hand free and replaced it with the head of his cock. Tilting his hips forward, he placed both of his hands on the headboard.

My body tensed in dreaded anticipation.

Pulling back slightly, he thrust his hips forward with one powerful movement, driving his full shaft deep into my throat. I tried to scream but no sound escaped. My throat felt like it was on fire. He pulled back and drove in again, crushing my nose against his body. My legs kicked out in vain as my nails scraped down his exposed thighs, wetting my fingertips with his blood.

He thrust again. And again. And again.

Each time with more force. Each time depriving me of life-giving air. Each time pushing deeper and deeper down my resisting throat.

I felt used. Bruised. I was only an open vessel for his own pleasure. The thought made me clench my inner thighs as my cunt tingled and contracted.

Still it was not enough.

I needed more.

Regin pulled free. Rolling my body onto my front as I gasped for breath.

“Up on your knees,” he ground out, giving me a slap on my bottom cheek for good measure. I felt a warm sting, but it was not sharp. It wasn’t biting.

It was not enough.

My heart dropped at the thought that with my powers I may never experience that intense, overwhelming feeling again.

Positioning himself behind me, I could hear his grunts as the bed gently moved. Sneaking a peek over my shoulder, I saw him fisting his cock, moving his hand violently up and down the shaft.

“Open your ass cheeks.”

“What?” I asked, confused by the command.

Using his free hand, he gave me another slap on my other cheek. “Hold open your ass cheeks.”

Resting my cheek against the bed covers, I shifted my shoulders and reached my arms back. My fingers dug awkwardly into my own flesh as I tried to do as I was told.

“Wider. Hold them open wider.”

Pushing my fingers deeper between my cheeks, I pulled them open wider. My small forbidden hole puckered and clenched at the unaccustomed exposure.

The bed shook as he rose up on his knees. I felt the warmth of his hand as he placed it on my lower back. The chamber filled with a low, guttural groan as I felt his thick white liquor pour onto my body, covering my quivering dark hole and slipping down to join the moisture between my legs.

“Stay like that. Do not move,” he ordered as the bed dipped. Tilting my head, I watched over my shoulder as he strode naked across the chamber. I could not help but admire the firm look of his ass. How the flesh dimpled and pressed in on the sides with each step. From the glow of the fire, I watched his dark silhouette as he poured himself a glass of wine from the flagon on the mantle. Despite the warmth of the chamber, his seed was cooling against my skin. As I watched his dark profile in silhouette against the flames, I could see his cock begin to rise. Straight and true like a beast come back to life. Swallowing the last vestige of wine, he returned to the bed.

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