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I turned my head to stare into his eyes before he slowly poured more searing wax upon me. The pain of the heated wax droplets caused me to gasp for breath. “Gripir, please! This has gone far enough!”

“No, my queen. You will learn that you are not to request something you do not mean. I warned you that you were playing with fire. I am now simply giving you what you quite literally asked for.”

The dripping of the wax continued, and I did everything I could to remain in place. The palms of my hands, my knees and my wax-covered back and ass screamed for mercy.

The candle continued to rain erotic pain down upon me. Each drip to my sensitive skin brought an alarming desire I couldn’t contain. His dominance and sensual discipline milked the wetness from my deepest core. I pressed my legs together, desperately hoping Gripir wouldn’t see the moisture dripping down my inner thigh. It would give him far too much power—more than he already had over me. I rocked forward, each searing cascade of liquid torture causing tiny mewls to escape my clenched teeth. My body buzzed with life, even as my core blazed with heat.

“Gripir!” I hissed as hot wax ran down the crack of my ass.

“You are a woman, Zelladine. A beautiful, exquisite woman.” He paused with the dripping of the wax for a moment, a dead silence in the air. “I admire your strength. I respect your ability to defend what you feel is yours. I have even feared your power at times. But you are still a woman.”

I looked over my shoulder with daggers in my eyes. “So what if I am a woman?” I spat. “Does that mean I should submit to a man? That I should tell you kingsmen what you want to hear just because you demand it so? Never!”

“There is nothing wrong with submission, Zelladine. A powerful queen, and an even stronger woman, would understand that.”

He placed the candlestick on the windowsill and assisted me to a standing position. Staring at the floor, I tried not to focus on the burning on my backside and between my legs. Looking at him now would cause such embarrassment. The act had humiliated me. Not because of the discipline, but because of how it lit my body with a passion I had come to love.

He tilted my chin with his finger, so I had to look into his eyes. “So tell me, Queen. As a feared ruler, what would you have me do to you?” I waited, staring at him. Seeing that he had my full attention, he continued. “For your persistent defiance and resistance, what would you have me do? The kingsmen and I have all spoken. It appears as if you almost enjoy all these punishments. Is that true?”

I nodded, causing Gripir to drop his hand from my chin.

“I like the pain,” I confessed.

He pulled away enough so he could study my face. He raised an eyebrow in response.

I made eye contact with him. I refused to let my pride get in the way of my need. “I like the bite, and the raw and brutal sensations.”

I stood naked before him and whispered, “Hurt me.”

Never in my wildest dreams would I imagine myself being so bold, so open. But I had always been one to take the power into my own hands to get what I wanted. If I desired something, I always did what I had to in order to make it happen. This was no different. I wanted to surrender to Gripir’s discipline, and I didn’t want him to go easy on me at all.

Gripir adjusted his body so he was on the edge of the bed. He patted his lap, silently ordering me to obey.

Without hesitation, I laid myself across his lap and awaited his punishing touch. I had once seen a submissive butcher’s wife do this act with her angry husband, watching with fascination from afar. Never would I have thought then that I would someday be in the same position, choosing to do so of my own free will.

A loud slap bounced off the stone of the walls, followed by another, and another. Gripir took no time to pause between spanks. My body tensed with each searing swat, and my hands reached for the fabric covering the bed to squeeze. His hand felt as if he were using solid wood against me, from the intensity of the strike.

Gripir swatted one cheek and then moved to the other. The rhythm burned my hide but soothed the raging emptiness and darkness that had forever been inside of me. My mind relaxed even though my body gave birth to a new kind of life. The pain of the discipline made me cry out his name, but never did I beg him to stop. I wanted more. I wanted so much more. I wanted to feel the pain until I could take no more.

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