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The sound of his balls slapping against my wet pussy tantalized my senses. I could smell the musky scent of my arousal. My punished ass and back moved against the bed, reminding me of his dominance over me. My body radiated with energy, and the building orgasm exploded.

Not caring if the other kingsmen heard, for they had all had their fair share of my pleasured sounds, I screamed in wild abandon. Gripir continued to pound his cock into me at a frenzied pace until he too called out my name in a guttural moan. He released his seed inside of me for the second time.

Breathing heavily, we both held each other in silence.

A captor. A man.

A queen. A woman.


What seemed like hours later, I stirred and my eyes fluttered open. Plush bedding was wrapped around my body, and I saw Gripir asleep on the bed beside me. Hearing the sound of hoofbeats approaching underneath my window, I bolted up. I glanced around the room, briefly forgetting where I was.

Gripir stirred, but didn’t wake. He merely rolled onto his side, his tousled hair falling in his face.

I carefully stood up from the bed, careful to not wake him, and I glanced toward the window when the sound of horses approaching grew louder. I ran my fingers through my hair to comb out all the knots, preparing for company. I could feel it. Sense it.

“Queen Zelladine?”

I whipped around to see Gripir sitting up in bed, rubbing his forehead with his hand. He blinked sleepily and looked at me with a small smile playing over his lips.

“People are approaching,” I said as I sat down on the edge of the bed.

Gripir stood up, stretching slowly. “No one can enter through the purple haze,” he informed me as he slipped on his clothes. He ran his hand through his hair again and looked at me with stern eyes.

“Stay here.”

I nodded as I watched him leave the room, closing the door behind him. I then walked over to the window and peered outside through the thick amethyst fog to see Troylus, Sigmun and Regin standing below, greeting the approaching horsemen. Squinting, I could see there were five of them, and they carried the king’s colors.

I pushed the pane of glass open, so I could hear the conversation.

“It’s King Basil,” Troylus said.

“We told him we would bring the information to him. Why is he riding out here?” asked Regin.

It wasn’t long for that question to be answered, because the five horsemen, led by King Basil himself, approached just as Gripir walked outside to join the others.

“King Basil,” Troylus greeted. “What brings you all the way out here?”

“I’ve come to retrieve the evil queen,” the king announced, not dismounting, nor did his men.

“We told you that we would get the information out of her, and also have her lift the curse,” Troylus countered.

“And have you?” the king asked.

“With time,” Troylus said calmly.

“I do not have time,” King Basil countered, readjusting himself in the saddle. “My patience has run out. I expected Briar’s body by now, and most certainly the end to the curse. You all have failed me.”

“We have not failed in our mission,” Sigmun said with a cross of his arms. “We simply have not completed it yet.”

The king glanced at his men who flanked each side of him. “Yes, well, I’m here to complete it for you. Give me Queen Zelladine. I’m positive my ways of convincing Zelladine that I am not a man to cross will be more convincing.”

“We are not handing her over,” Gripir stated simply.

The king chuckled and looked at his men who also smiled in trained and puppeteered amusement. “Maybe you are confused as to who makes the rules around here. I am king, and what I dictate will be followed. It would be wise for you kingsmen to remember that.”

“And what exactly would you do to Zelladine that we could not, or have not, done already? You can’t simply kill her. Her death would not give you what you want,” Troylus said.

“I would have revenge!” the king shouted. “I would whip her publicly in front of all the villagers, then have them throw all their waste upon her. I would make it very clear that one is never to cross my rule or threaten my family. If her death is to come before I find Briar’s body, then so be it. The respect for my throne and reign is far more important than my daughter.”

It took all my might not to shout out from my window and unleash all the rage I felt inside with words. This man was far more a monster than any dark force I had ever encountered. I vowed to make this man pay someday. With something far worse than just a curse.

“King Basil,” Regin said as he took a step toward the line of horses. The action had all the guards placing their hands upon the hilts of their swords in preparation. Basil raised his hand in peace. “We cannot simply hand her over to you.” He pointed at the fortress. “Do you not see the spell-thick purple fog? If we were to remove Queen Zelladine from the fortress, the spell would be broken, and all of her powers would return. You and your men would not stand a chance against her.”

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