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After several deep breaths and slow shifts, my bottom cheeks pressed against his stomach. He was fully seated inside of me.

I was dizzy with pain and awareness.

“Start moving. Fuck my cock.”

Whimpering, I did as I was told. Rocking my body back and forth, I fucked back onto his cock. I was both the master and the slave—in control, yet causing my own torment. Wave after wave of cramping pain shot up my back as my body struggled to accept his long girth.

“Faster,” he barked.

My mouth opened on a silent cry as I moved my body faster. His cock swelled wider, further straining my tight passage before he roared his release, coating my insides with his seed. Gingerly, I shifted my body forward, pulling free from his cock.


Twisting my body back around to face him, I winced as I knelt, my heels pressing into my now sore bottom. I could feel his cum as it slowly dribbled out of my dark hole.

“Lick me clean.”

I looked from his cock to his face and back. He had warned me the last time he fucked my ass that he would make me clean off his cock afterward. Hesitantly opening my mouth, I closed my eyes as I took his cock into my mouth, cleaning off the taste of my own bottom.

When I was finished, I crawled to Gripir. My heart beating so hard and fast in my chest I feared it would burst. My jaw and bottom both ached. My cunny clenched from unmet need. Despite my fear of him, I knew my penance to Gripir was the most important of all four men.

“I will mete out my true punishment later when I am no longer fettered by these chains,” he warned. “For now, grab my cock. Jerk it hard and fast in your hand.”

Not sure whether to be grateful for the small reprieve or fearful of the future, I gripped his cock. Swiftly moving my hand up and down its length, I awaited his instructions.

“Keep moving your hand. When I cum, I want to cum on your face. I want your eyes on mine as I spill my seed on you.”

Holding my breath in anticipation, I worked my hand over his length. After several moments, he threw his hips forward on a groan. Then, his bright azure eyes clashed with mine as strings of hot cum hit me in the face, covering my cheeks and mouth.

Not a word was uttered in the chamber.

Drained both emotionally and physically, I slowly rose, not daring to wipe the evidence of Gripir’s passion off my face.

Turning, I sought the solitude of my chamber, leaving the men still bound in chains against the wall.


“Snow is here. She’s brought some stew for the kingsmen,” said Briar Rose as I strode into the main hall refreshed after a hot bath and some rest.

“Well, isn’t that kind of you,” I said as I watched Briar Rose make strange slashing motions with her hands behind Snow’s back.

Ignoring Briar’s antics, I asked, “What kind?” as I reached for the lid of the large earthenware pot she held.

Briar started to spasm as she waved her hand violently behind Snow. I immediately knew why the moment I raised the lid. An unholy stench emanated from the pot. Surely the warm flesh of no beast of Earth or sky was capable of making that smell! I watched in horror as the concoction bubbled and burped noxious, sickly puffs of gray smoke.

Taking a step back as I pulled a perfumed handkerchief from my sleeve to wave beneath my nose, I coughed to cover my discomfort.

“It is rabbit stew. My specialty. I don’t think it is too much to state that I am rather famous for it throughout the forest,” offered Snow proudly.

“Of that I have no doubt, dear.”

Snow beamed from the perceived compliment.

“May I take it to the kingsmen? I had heard from my men that you had them imprisoned here and I thought perhaps a little home cooking would cheer them up.”

Knowing I had already done a great deal to raise their spirits, I only nodded my assent. “I think that is a fine idea!” Motioning to a servant, I had them relieve Snow of her burden. “Won’t you take tea with me and Briar Rose while the men enjoy your repast?”

“Oh, that would be lovely!” exclaimed Snow. “Surrounded by seven burly men and a baby all day, I am simply starved for feminine company. Red is sweet, and I absolutely adore her, but I fear some of the people from my village think I am going quite daft from talking to a large red wolf all the time!”

Aware that Snow was friends with the enchanted wolves’ new mate, I laughed at her jest.

As Briar showed Snow into the drawing room, I motioned for the servant to return. Turning my head away, I quickly lifted the lid off the stew and slipped a large iron key inside, sending up a small prayer that the odoriferous meal would not melt the metal.

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