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“Or maybe this asshole’s a cop?” the first guy that had been offering drugs said.

David took a step closer.

The other guy turned his head and spit. “Nah, I think he’s just a crazy motherfucker who wants his ass beat.” The shadows covered the first guy’s face partially, but David didn’t need to see much to fight.

“Don’t fuck with me.” The second guy came around, keeping close to David and standing on his other side. They were trying to intimidate him, but what these bastards didn’t know was David got off on this.

The first guy reached into his pocket to pull out a knife. He opened it, pointing it toward David. Then the second guy rushed him and slammed his body into David’s, pushing him against the brick wall, and then tried to stab him with the knife he’d had pressed to his outer thigh.

“You fucked with the wrong assholes,” the second guy said.

“Mess him up,” his buddy muttered.

David looked right into the eyes of the guy pinning him up against the wall. He was allowing this, but now it was time to really get this party started. He grinned, feeling that darkness creep up and totally take control.

He took his hand from his pocket, reached up with his other hand, and grabbed the fucker’s neck. He lifted him easily off the ground, reared his hand back that had the brass knuckles, and looked right into the prick’s eyes.

He slammed his fist into the guy’s face repeatedly, the brass tearing flesh, ripping open the prick’s face. The scent of blood filled David’s nose, but it just fueled his rage.

He continued to slam his fist into the fucker’s cheek and temple until he resembled a piece of beaten, raw meat.

“You motherfucker.”

David tossed the guy aside and turned to look at the first man. He didn’t speak, didn’t even blink as he watched the dealer wave the knife around sloppily. This would be over far too soon.

He dodged the knife, slammed his fist into the guy’s kidneys when he spun, and, after that, took a step back. The man turned around, his face a mask of rage as he looked down at his friend who was lying on the ground unconscious.

David could have gone further, could have kept going until there was no pulse, but he’d gotten what he needed from the bastard.

They stood there facing each other for several seconds, and then the guy charged forward again. They crashed back into the opposite wall, but before David let him gain any kind of advantage, he spun them around so the man was the one pressed to the wall.

The asshole clawed at David’s hands, and even if David weren’t bigger than he was, this fucker still wouldn’t have stood a chance. David was too amped up and needed this fight too damn badly to let anyone, despite their size, overpower him.

He squeezed the dealer’s throat tighter as his mind drifted to Gillian, to the image of her with another man. His resolve snapped, and all civility left him.

He slammed his fist into the dealer’s temple, David’s gaze fuzzy as his rage took over. He hit the fucker repeatedly.

“Please, stop. No more,” the man wheezed out, but it fell on deaf ears.

David stared right into the bloodied, pulverized face of the dealer and brought the brass to the side of his head for one final blow, finally allowing the man to drop to the ground. Blood covered David’s hands and chest, even his cheeks and neck.

The groans from the men filled David’s ears, but he was no longer focused on the need to unleash any more rage. He moved out of the alley, not giving a shit he was covered in blood.

The few people he passed moved to the side, but they didn’t seem overly surprised at the sight of him. They’d seen a lot worse in this part of the city. He stood by the driver’s side door of his vehicle and looked down at his hands.

They were covered in blood, thick chunks of flesh sticking to the brass. He removed the metal and took off his jacket, tossing them onto the back seat.

He sat there again for several seconds, still feeling his heart beating fast, but the adrenaline and need for violence dimmed. Going home, washing the blood and gore from him, and crashing sounded pretty fucking good right now. But he knew he’d have Gillian on his mind.

She was always on his mind.



“I’m so glad you changed your mind about that drink,” Gerald said from across the table. The restaurant they’d met at was on the high-end side, but to her surprise when she’d walked in, the place was empty.

Gerald had paid for them to have the entire place to themselves, and to say it was awkward was an understatement.

Yes, she’d agreed to have dinner and a drink after thinking about where her life was going. She couldn’t pine for a man who she could never have, and although she felt nothing for Gerald, getting out and being social, at least, was a step in the right direction.

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