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“For now,” she admitted, turning her head so that she could press a kiss against his shoulder in apology.

“Are the pills kicking in yet?”

“Some of us are trying to sleep here!” Melanie, their constant companion, yelled from t

he other room before she could answer.

“We’re trying to soak in here!” Lucifer shouted back as all the warm fuzzy feelings that were making her fall asleep instantly evaporated.

“The two of you are going to drive me to drink,” she said, shaking her head in disgust, because really, the two of them never seemed to stop bickering.

Even when the two of them were hanging out, and yes, they did that now. Lucifer would walk in with his laptop, sit down on the couch, forcing Melanie to move over and steal her baked goods while she glared, stole them back and explained in minute detail what would happen if he kept touching them. Then there were the times when Lucifer would be downstairs sitting in the dinning area, doing paperwork while he ate lunch and Melanie would sit down next to him and start talking his ear off while he would occasionally glare at her, but other than all that glaring, he really didn’t seem to mind.

It was actually nice not having to worry about her best friend and boyfriend getting along for once, she thought with a disgusted shake of her head as she shifted to climb out of the tub.

“Where are you going?” Lucifer asked with a frown as she carefully, oh, so damn carefully, climbed over the side of the tub.

“To get away from you bickering hens so that I can get some peace and quiet,” she said with a wince as she tried to straighten, failed and settled for grabbing a towel.

“We’re not bickering!” Melanie yelled from the other room, sounding highly offended.

“No, no of course you’re not,” she murmured with a pained gasp as she struggled to wrap a towel around herself.

“Rebecca, wait,” Lucifer said, getting out of the tub and grabbed a towel. “Where are you going?”

“I just need to lay down,” she said, stepping out into the hallway to find Mojo, who’d been pouting since Lucifer had started coming around more, lying in front of her door.

Since there was no way in hell that she was going to be able to step over him with a bruised ass, she stopped shuffling in that direction, sighed heavily, turned around and began to shuffle in the direction of her front door when she realized that her new meds that were supposed to make her happy were not in fact working yet.

So, instead of trying to shuffle her way to the door and probably do more damage to her poor, abused bottom that would require another disturbing trip to his family’s medical practice, she waited for Lucifer to step out into the hallway. Once he was beside her, she sighed heavily as she regally gestured to him. “You may commence with the manhandling.”

Chapter 29

“A little to the right.”

Please, someone fucking kill him now!

“No…yes, oh, God, right there!’ the woman that was determined to drive him out of his fucking mind said as he settled her in the middle of his bed.

Completely. Naked.

“Oh, wait. Can you shift me a little more to the right?” she asked, sounding completely innocent, but there was no way in hell that she didn’t know the effect that she was having on him.

Licking his lips, he tried to make his hands stop trembling, but he couldn’t get his mind off how good it felt to touch her. He tried to keep his eyes trained on the spot between her shoulders, but every time he touched her, he lost control and allowed his eyes to devour every fucking inch of her.

His only saving grace was that she was lying on her stomach otherwise he probably would have been reduced to a slobbering moron by now. It had only been two weeks since they’d had sex, but it felt like fucking decades. Sex had never ruled his life before, but since the moment that he’d touched her that’s all he could think about.

He thought about how good it was to hear her moan his name, how it felt when he slid inside her, so fucking wet and tight, and the way she licked her lips as he fucked her. When he was supposed to be going over timecards, making schedules or talking to venders, he was thinking about all the different ways that he could slide deep inside her.

It was seriously fucking with his head.

The only time that he could focus on anything besides sex was when he was near her. It should have had the opposite effect on him, but being near her was usually enough to help him relax, but that probably had something to do with the fact that she was normally wearing clothes.

It would really fucking help if she would wear some damn clothes right now.

Maybe he should take Melanie up on her offer and let her take over? At least then he wouldn’t be on the verge of losing his mind. He opened his mouth to suggest that he carry her back to her apartment when he realized that he couldn’t do that. She needed him and that was all that mattered.

His cock bounced hard against his stomach in protest, letting him know that it wasn’t on board with this plan. Telling his cock to get over it, he reached down, and oh God did she feel fucking good, and gently shifted her to the right, praying that this was the last time that she was going to put him through this hell tonight.

“Could you could rub some of that lotion on my back?” she asked only to follow that up with, “Did you just whimper?”

“No,” he said quickly, clearing his throat as he reached over and grabbed the lotion off his nightstand that his father had given them earlier.

Telling himself that he could handle this, and also to move his ass since there really was no need to prolong this kind of torture, he squirted a large amount of lotion into his hand, not really caring when he got some on his sheets, and proceeded to quickly, yet carefully, rub it on her back.

“I could fall asleep,” she said, and he prayed that was true, because that meant that he could escape into the bathroom and drown himself in a cold shower.

“That’s probably a good idea,” he said encouragingly as he tried to tell himself that his hands were nowhere near her ass.

“Mmm, that feels so good,” she moaned, making him wish that he knew what he was doing, because he would stop doing it immediately for the sake of his sanity.

“Just like…oh, yeah, just like that,” she continued to moan, shifting a bit beneath his touch and inadvertently making his hand brush against the top of one beautiful cheek.

“Oh, God,” he whispered, grinding his teeth together as his breath caught in his chest.

He’d barely brushed his hand against her ass and here he was, kneeling on the bed beside her, panting as though she’d just licked his cock and moaned like she fucking loved it. He was so fucking pathetic.

“Is everything okay?” she asked, sounding sleepy.

“Yes,” he said soothingly, refusing to do anything that would break through this sleepy haze that was going to save him.

“Oh, oh! Right there!” she suddenly moaned, shifting beneath his hands. “Oh, that feels so good. Yeah, just like that, baby.”

His eyes narrowed suspiciously on the little brat that had spent the last five years tormenting him for her own fucking enjoyment.

“Oh, God! Don’t stop now!” she yelled dramatically, giggling like a fool as he decided that yes, yes she did have a death wish. “That’s it! That’s the spot!”

Sighing, he looked from her to the angry erection between his legs and thought about all those times that she’d fucked with his head simply because she could and decided that she definitely had this coming.


“I was kidding!” she yelled, trying to stop giggling, but she just couldn’t stop.

The look on his face had been-

“Oh my, God!” she screamed as Lucifer, the meanest bastard alive, brought her into his massive shower and stuck her beneath what felt like a hundred jets of ice cold water stabbing into her.

“Is something wrong?” the bastard asked, all innocence as he moved her out of the cold water and then just as quickly, put her back in.

“Lucifer!” she managed to yell before she was hit in the face with a particularly cold spray of water.

“Did you want to say something?”


More cold water hit her, this time on her ass!


“You’ll regret doing-argh!” she ended her promise of violence on a high-pitched scream as he somehow managed to get her ass and face at the same time.