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clenched his jaw tightly shut.


Chapter 43

“What’s he doing now?” Melanie whispered, hiding behind her as Rebecca cracked open the bathroom door a little wider and stuck her head out the door.

“Still ransacking my room,” she whispered back.

“Why is he ransacking your room?” Melanie asked, making her roll her eyes.

“How the hell would I know?” she asked, seconds before she was forced to shove Melanie back when Lucifer suddenly stormed out of her room, so that she could shut the bathroom door shut and lock it.

“This is bad,” Melanie mumbled, stating the obvious.

Sometime in the last twenty minutes of so, her boyfriend had lost his damn mind. As soon as he saw the positive test result he’d nodded to himself several times, went pale, kind of wavered on his feet a bit there, mumbled something about New Hampshire and stormed off, kind of freaking them out a bit. Since that special moment that terrified them to their very being, he’d gone a little…nuts. When he wasn’t tearing apart her room, he was raiding their kitchen, and mumbling something about needing “sustenance,” with the help of Mojo, the little traitor that she’d once considered her sweet little baby.

Speaking of baby…

She folded her arms over her chest, turned around to face the woman that had started it all, cocked a brow and said, “Explain.”

Melanie worried her bottom lip as she said, “I can’t.”

“Yeah, you really can.”

“I really can’t,” Melanie said, leaning back against the counter.

“Oh, I really think you can,” she said, narrowing her eyes on the woman that had broken her boyfriend, a job that was rightfully hers.

Looking down at her feet, Melanie shook her head. “I really can’t.”

“He thinks I’m pregnant, Melanie,” she reminded her.

“I know,” Melanie said, sounding absolutely miserable.

“So, start talking,” Rebecca said, guessing that they had ten minutes before Lucifer broke this door down and took his mental breakdown to the next level.

“There’s nothing to talk about,” Melanie said, and as much as she hated pushing her best friend to talk about something before she was ready, right now she didn’t have a choice.

“That pregnancy test says otherwise,” she said, leaning back against the door. “Who’s the father?”

“I’m not ready to talk about that.”

“I didn’t even know that you were dating someone,” Rebecca said, listening as Lucifer stormed past the bathroom and headed back to her room. The sounds of Mojo following after him followed a few seconds later.

“I’m not,” Melanie said, shaking her head. “It was a one time thing. I haven’t even spoken to him since it happened.”

She digested that for a minute before asking, “Are you going to tell him?”

“When I’m ready,” Melanie said, and she didn’t have to ask if she was going to keep the baby. There were just some things that you didn’t have to talk about when it came to your best friend.

“I’m going to have to tell Lucifer,” she said, sighing when she heard what sounded like him tearing through her bureau. She had absolutely no clue what he was looking for, but whatever it was, it couldn’t be good.

“I know,” Melanie said, quietly.

“You know I’m here when you’re ready to talk, right?” she said, reminding Melanie that she was always going to be there for her even though it was a given.

Melanie looked up at her and blinked. “Is this our Hallmark moment?”

“It is,” Rebecca said, sighing heavily.

“Should we get a cup of tea, hold each other and cry with Michael Bolton playing in the background?”

“We should,” Rebecca said, solemnly.

Laughing, Melanie pushed away from the sink and pulled her into a hug. “I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you.”

“You should be,” she said, returning the hug. “Are you happy?”

“Terrified,” Melanie admitted with a nervous chuckle, “but yeah, I’m excited about this even though it doesn’t feel real yet.”

“Well, it’s not going to until you’re the size of a whale,” Rebecca pointed out, because she was just that helpful.

“Bitch,” Melanie said, laughing as she playfully pushed her away.

“Whore,” Rebecca said, sighing heavily as they returned their attention to the locked door.

“Takes one to know one,” Melanie said, grabbing her hand and gave it a squeeze.

“Will you go with me when I visit him in the insane asylum?” she asked.

“No,” Melanie said, shaking her head slowly as she released her hand so that she could push Rebecca towards the door.

“Bitch,” she said, sighing as she reluctantly unlocked the door, knowing that it was for the best if she explained everything to Lucifer before it was too late.

Opening the door, she took a deep breath and-

“Who’s the father?” Lucifer demanded, looking incredibly pissed.


“I’m sorry. What’s this now?” Rebecca asked, shifting a nervous glance to her partner in crime.

Glaring at Melanie, he repeated himself, “Who’s the father?”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Rebecca, always the faithful friend, asked as she came to Melanie’s defense.

He gestured to the walls and reminded them, “Paper thin walls.”

Rebecca shrugged as she pushed past him, or at least tried to, but he wasn’t quite done. “Congratulations,” he said to Melanie, but his eyes were locked on Rebecca.

“Um, thank you?” Melanie said, shifting nervously. “Is there any chance that I can leave?”

“Are you going to tell me who the father is so that I can beat the shit out of him?” he asked, never taking his eyes off Rebecca, who was now glaring at him.

“That’s sweet, but no. I can handle this one on my own,” Melanie said, sighing with relief when he nodded and moved aside so that she could leave. Once she was gone, he stepped inside the bathroom, giving Rebecca no other choice but to step back so that he could close the door behind him and lock it.

“Is there a reason that you’re keeping me hostage in my bathroom or is this part of your nervous breakdown?” she asked with a glare that most likely matched his own.

“It’s most likely part of my nervous breakdown,” he admitted, shifting his attention to the medicine cabinet.