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He shook his head. “I don’t.”

“Don’t what?” she asked, feeling silly for suggesting it. He was practically a stranger. He might have a girlfriend, for all she knew. Or a wife! “Don’t want to stay?”

“Have plans.” For a brief moment, his gaze dipped down to her mouth, and his expression held such pure hunger, it made her breath catch and her nipples tighten. He wrenched his eyes back to meet hers and cleared his throat. “For the holiday. I’m free.”

Hewasattracted to her. Ivy bit her lip to avoid appearing overeager, but she couldn’t think of a better way to move on with her life than a weekend fling with a hot guy who she actually trusted and liked. One whowantedher. “Then stay. We’ll have fun. There’s a hot tub.”

“I don’t have a swimsuit.”

She grinned at him. “Neither do I. Let’s try it out.” Feeling bold, she tugged off her bulky sweater and tossed it on top of her bags.

“Gods,” he swore, his voice thick and smoky. This time he let his appreciative gaze wander all over her, taking in the red tank top she’d worn as an undershirt, her lacy white bra peeking out at the neckline, her favorite faded jeans that molded perfectly to her butt and thighs. His fingers twitched, curling by his sides, as he stared. “I don’t want to scare you off, but I’ve dreamed about a moment like this for a long time. Since the first time I met you, if I’m being honest.”

“How’s it measuring up?” she asked, fingers teasing under the hem of her tank top, gauging the tension in his posture before she pulled it up over her head.

“Worth the wait,” he breathed, looking at her newly exposed, soft belly like she was a perfect pie he’d just pulled out of the oven. “Don’t move. I’m going to find towels.”

She disobeyed, shucking her jeans while he rummaged in the bathroom’s linen closet, enjoying his disbelief when he returned with two fluffy towels clamped under his arm and saw her in her panties. She looped her thumbs under the straps of her bra, stretching them, enjoying his intake of breath before she pulled them down over her shoulders to free her breasts.

She was being audacious, stripping down in the middle of this unfamiliar kitchen in front of this monster who was barely an acquaintance, but she felt audacious. Like she deserved the frank wonder in Tairon’s face as he drank in the sight of her small, freckled chest and puckered, rosy-brown nipples. He devoured her with his eyes, following the line of her figure as it flared out to wide hips and thick thighs, lingering on her matching undies, a mere scrap of white lace that revealed more than it covered.

He growled, something like pain crossing his expression as he reached down to adjust himself. She gasped when she saw the thickness trapped in his pants, dizzy need overwhelming her last shred of inhibition. She closed the distance between them, slid her palm down his flat stomach to squeeze his erection through the leather. It was…ridged. And not at all a familiar shape. It pulsed against her palm, and she could have sworn her pussy pulsed in time with it.

Smug, she teased, “Oops, did I do that?”

He nodded solemnly and, with his free hand, tugged gently on the end of one of her braids, leaning down to rasp in her ear. “I’ve been hard since the moment you parked that sweet ass behind me on my bike. Tell me I can touch you, Ivy.”

“You can touch me,” she echoed right away, adding, “Please?”

Faster than she could process what was happening, he’d dipped his shoulder, hoisted her over it, and, laughing at her squeals, carried her out the cabin’s back door to the hot tub on the deck. The cabin’s owner had turned it on in advance of their arrival, and steam rose from the water’s surface to meet the snowflakes that were still tumbling down. Ivy hardly had time to register their cold kisses brushing her shoulders before Tairon had deposited her into the deliciously warm water.

He shrugged apologetically, though there was no remorse in his devilish expression. “I had to, or we weren’t going to make it out of the cabin.”


ItwasIvy’sturnto enjoy the show as Tairon peeled his shirt over his head, unveiling his broad torso, rippling with muscle, the red mosaic of his scales disappearing into his pants. He paused with his hand on his belt buckle. “How much do you know of my kind? Have you ever been with a dragon?”

She bit her lip, body humming in anticipation, and shook her headno.

“I don’t want to scare you. We’re…different than human males.”

“I hope so,” she said fervently, and he gave a loud laugh. She added, “I’m not scared. I confess I have done some, uh, research on the topic.” She blushed, remembering the interspecies porn she’d found with a male dragon lead, how long and tireless his tongue had been. How he’d made his human co-star pant and hiss when his fat, curved cock slid inside her. Obviously, Tairon wouldn’t be so well-endowed as a porn star, but it was sure to be aninterestingexperience, if they took it that far.

Tairon arched a brow at her admission, looking intrigued. “Is that so? Did you get a dragon endorsement at Otherworld Academy?”

“No, I didn’t get in when I applied.” She made a face, remembering the sting of rejection. That was how she’d met James. He’d been the one to deliver the bad news, and then he’d asked her out for coffee. A consolation prize, he’d called it. She shrugged away the memory. “I already had my culinary degree before the Breach opened, so it wasn’t a big deal. I was just curious after”— she put aside the twinge of disloyalty she felt admitting this, given all that James had perpetrated—“after I met you at the bakery. I watched some videos and, uh, thought about you.”

“Ivy.” He dropped his hands from his belt and in two long strides was at the edge of the hot tub. He slid clawed fingers into her hair, his hand so large that his thumb could still brush over her lips. He bent over her, but rather than press his mouth to hers, he licked up the side of her jaw with his long, hot tongue, pausing at her earlobe. She whimpered, pressing her knees together under the water against the intense, electrifying hum of her clit, greedy at the thought of that tongue moving elsewhere.

“Gods,” he swore again. “You taste so sweet. I’m going to do such filthy things to you with this tongue. I have a thousand fantasies to play out now that I have my hands on you.” She gave a hysterical giggle, and he pulled back. “Maybe I shouldn’t have said that. I’m moving too fast; I know I am. You’re going to run away screaming any second now.”

He looked tense. Wary. Like he was genuinely worried she was going to bolt.

“You keep saying that, but only someone who spent a year and a half waiting for me to RSVP for a motorcycle ride would think that this is moving fast,” she teased, her heart galloping at his words even as she tried to lighten the mood again. “You haven’t even kissed me.”

Tension eased in his frame. “But I did get you naked and wet,” he purred, all his flirty swagger returned.

“Pretty sure I got myself like that.” She smirked at him as she slithered out of her now-soaked underwear and dropped them over the edge of the hot tub, where they landed with a splat on the snowy patio.

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