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“It worked.”

“Good. I couldn’t help hanging around, but at least I didn’t bother…”

“No, not the backing-off. The getting-to-know-me-first. I’m officially not creeped out. I’m”—she felt herself go a little giddy, like she’d had another swig from the tequila bottle—“flattered, I guess.”

“You are? Gods, Ivy, what a relief. Of all the possible reactions, this is the one I didn’t expect. Of course, I thought I’d be telling you over coffee, not while you were sitting naked on my cock.”

“It’s a point in your favor, really,” she deadpanned.


Ivybouncedalittlein Tairon’s lap, and he cursed, lifting her up a little so there were a few inches of space between them. He slid his tail under her bottom so she was suspended in the water, her tits exposed to his enthusiastic gaze.

“Now you understand why it’s not just a hookup for me,” he said, tracing a looping path between, under, and around her breasts before unraveling the end of one of her soggy braids. He combed through the damp strands with his claws while she floated there in front of him. “I want more than a weekend.”

“You can’t know that,” she chided. “Watching me is one thing, but once you get your dick wet, fantasy will collide with reality, and one weekend might be plenty.”

“That’s not exactly how it works.” He moved to the other braid, avoiding eye contact.

“Your fixation won’t go away once you and I…?”


“How do you cure it, then?”

Her braids freed, he smoothed his thumb along her hairline where the humidity had undoubtedly tightened her baby hairs into ringlets. “Already trying to get rid of me?” he teased lightly.

Ivy looped her hands around the back of his neck and laced her fingers together. “I didn’t say that. I just thought you’d want—I don’t know. To be free of it. If there’s a way to cure it, I’ll help. It doesn’t mean we have to stop being friends.”

“Friends,” he grumbled good-naturedly. “What kind of friends?”

His tail relaxed, and she sank back down into his lap. Ivy wriggled so his cock settled between her folds, enjoying his groan. “The fun kind, obviously. What do we need to do to…break the spell or whatever you want to call it?”

“We’ll talk more about it tomorrow. Right now, I’d rather”— he scooped her up out of the water and perched her on the edge of the hot tub with her feet still dangling in the water—“do something else.”

Ivy’s entire body broke out in goosebumps from the sudden change in temperature, and her ass burned where it came in direct contact with the thin veil of slushy snow. Tairon tugged her knees apart and hesitated between her thighs.

“I thought it was your turn,” she protested weakly, making an attempt at fairness even though she was dying to feel his tongue’s main attraction after the preview of that kiss. Even if they couldn’t fuck this weekend, she wanted a taste of him, too.

“Thisismy turn,” he said gruffly. Who was she to argue with that? When she gave him a nod of encouragement, he licked from her knee all the way to her pouting pussy, already swollen and spoiled from his earlier treatment, in one sweeping slide. She shivered, and he glanced up. “Too cold?”

“Not yet,” she assured him. Her core was still heated from their soak and, with her lower legs in the warm water, the chill hadn’t penetrated much below her skin’s surface. Still, he grabbed one of the towels he’d set on the corner of the hot tub and draped it over her shoulders before settling back between her legs.

He combed his fingers through the red curls there. “Like little flames.” And then he ducked down, pulling one of her legs over his shoulder, andthat tongueparted her lips. Its forked tip twisted around her clit in a swift, scalding tease before he latched on in earnest, sucking like he had something to prove.

It felt like he was sucking the blood from her veins and the marrow from her bones and the sense from her head, the way her body utterly attuned to his attentions. Pleasure steamrolled through her, flattening her with its power. She wanted to cry when he pulled back.

But he only stopped long enough to bite off two of his claws, and then he was back at it, this time with two clever fingers nudged into her entrance, stretching her slightly as they scissored and searched for the spot that’d make her scream.

He found it.

Ivy’s eyes rolled back in her head, and she forgot to hold onto the towel. Thirty seconds later, she was gripping his horns for dear life, shaking and shouting as he mercilessly yanked a second orgasm out of her.

“What wasthat?” she asked when she’d regained her breath. “Are you trying to kill me?”

“Just being a fun friend.” He winked one gleaming eye at her before he stood up from the hot tub, water cascading down his scales. “Sorry for the rush. I didn’t want you to freeze in this weather. Come on.”

This time he wrapped both of the towels around her and, heedless of the water that he was dripping on the floor, carried her into the house and through the kitchen to the overstuffed sofa in the living area. He deposited her on it, disappeared into the bathroom, and reappeared a minute later wearing a terrycloth robe, another in his hands. “Look what I found! Here, put it on while I light the fire.”

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