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He grinds against me, and I feel how hard he is, ready for me.

"Willow," he groans as he gives me a look that's a cross between a growl and a tortured plea.

He slides his hands along my thighs, and the ache inside flares into full-blown need.

I claw at the buttons of his shirt, desperate to feel his heated skin against my hands. When I finally get the shirt open, I run my hands over his hard chest and marvel at how strong he is.

He begins kissing my neck, sending delicious shivers down my spine. He sucks on my sensitive skin, and I let out a soft moan. My fingers find the button of his jeans, and I quickly undo it.

I slide down to his hips and slip his pants off, followed by his boxer briefs. I start to climb back up him, but he stops me.

I look up at his questioningly, and then let out a squeal as he picks me up and flips me onto my back. Before I know it, he's got me pinned beneath him, his strong, muscular body barely allowing me room to breathe. His eyes burn into me, and he gently brushes his lips against mine.

I stare back at him, at this gorgeous, broken man who's so much more than he seems. I feel like he sees into my soul.

"Fuck, my little songbird," he whispers, and then his lips are on me again.

His tongue presses against mine, and he tastes like destiny. I want to feel him against me, everywhere. I want to taste his skin and memorize it. I want to drown in his touch like I'm drowning in this unnamed desire that's consuming me.

We break away for the briefest moment. He stares down into my eyes, and I'm drowning in the darkness of his gaze. It's a storm of desire and a hurricane of passion. I've been tossed into that swirling storm, and I'm not sure I'll ever be the same again.

"Maverick," I breathe.

He kisses me again before I can say another word. This time his kiss is painful, like he's giving himself over to the storm that's raging inside. The kiss is raw and hungry.

He trails hot kisses down my neck and across my collarbone, before he pulls the cup of my bra down and sucks my nipple into his mouth. I gasp, surprised by the sensation. His tongue swirls around my hard, sensitive flesh, and the ache in my core grows unbearable.

He slides one hand from my thigh up to my bottom, and then cups me firmly before running his thumb across my core.

I moan as his touch sends waves of pleasure rippling through my body.

He pushes my shirt up around my hips, and I let out a soft gasp as he hooks his fingers into the sides of my panties, and then he tugs. In one swift motion, I'm completely naked beneath him.

I've never felt so open, so exposed.

"You've got a beautiful body, my songbird," he whispers, moving his hand to the front of my thigh before he slides two fingers inside me. I gasp and try to tell him that he does too, but I can't find the words as my body threatens to fly apart at the seams.

He's moving his fingers in and out, and I'm moving against him. I'm lost in the sensations and the darkness that's consuming me, and I'm not sure I'll ever find my way back.

I'm spiraling higher and higher, and I'm on the edge of something cataclysmic, ready to shatter.

"Maverick," I cry.

"Yes, my songbird," he whispers, his breath on my ear.

I'm about to say more, but then he slides his fingers from inside me.

I blink my eyes open, and I'm caught in the darkness of his gaze. I'm caught in the storm.

"You're perfect," he whispers.

His hand trails across my body, and I shudder beneath him. He hooks his fingers into the sides of my panties once more, and then he tugs.

I'm shaking beneath him, my naked body laid bare before him.

I close my eyes when I feel his hand against my thigh. I can feel his breath on my virgin flesh, and then his fingers are sliding through my wetness.

"I want to taste you, my songbird," he whispers.

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