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“First of all, we don’t speak that way. Age is just a fucking number,” Darien said.

“And secondly, if you thought you were going to foot the bill for having sex with us, you’re wrong,” Emerson added.

“We might not look like it, but we’re gentlemen. Our mother raised us the right way. Never let a lady pay,” Austin said.

“You said ‘our’ mother?”

“Yes, we were adopted,” Darien said proudly.

She didn’t know that, and it bothered her that her heart constricted at the thought that these powerfully authoritative young men standing before her were once just kids, babies. …given up for adoption.

No, Adrienne admonished herself. She had to stay focused.

It shamed her that they could so easily knock her off her path by being hopelessly distracting. They did the same thing when all she wanted was to feel the weight of a man inside her and nothing more. Instead, they’d stripped her, kissed her until she couldn’t stand, tied her up, and made her come in their mouths, which made her beg them to put their cocks inside her.

Oh, and then they made her watch as they made themselves come while looking at her pussy from between her spread thighs.

She shook her head to get back on track for at least the third time, but she was still struggling to successfully dislodge the staggeringly lascivious thoughts swimming through her mind.

Their mother raised them to never let a lady pay. How was this even the same thing? It was ten million dollars. How could three SEALs possibly have that kind of money?

“But this wasn’t just a dinner you paid for—”

“Want to come right out and ask us how we could foot the bill in the first place?”

“How?” She asked with no hesitation.

“Our adopted mother came from an English aristocratic family. Trust us when we say ten million dollars hasn’t made a dent in our bank balances. Happy?” Darien asked, grinning at her and corrupting her thoughts again.

They just kept surprising her.

“Still unacceptable. I’m writing out a check right now, and then you can leave."

“You’re wrong on both accounts.”

"Clearly, you weren’t listening to how we were raised, and we’re not going anywhere.”

“Yes, you are. Like I said, if I had known Peter was going to send you three, I would have demanded he send someone else. So please leave. I changed my mind about needing protection. In fact, it was Peter’s idea from the start.”

“Not going to happen, pretty lady,” Austin said, planting his boots into the thick carpet of her living room and folding his arms across his wide chest.

“Out of curiosity, why do you want us to leave?” Darien asked, picking up a framed photo of her and her father.

"Why?" she frustratedly asked as she plucked the photo out of his hands and put it exactly the way it was before. “Because I’m not going to spend the next few days with men I just … I just fucked, acting as my bodyguards.”

“Firstly, we’re the only men capable of protecting you in the whole world, and secondly, we have no problem spending the next few days protecting the woman we fucked."

Adrienne covered her face with both her hands. When she said the word fuck, it was just that. But when Emerson said it, a dizzying reel of everything they had done to her played in her mind again, leaving a sultry sheen on her skin.

Not good.

She dropped her hands and shook her head. There was absolutely no way this was going to work out.

“No. I need you to leave.”

“Not when your safety is at stake.”

"I'm not in any danger. Peter was overreacting. And if I was, I could handle it myself. So, again, please leave.”

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