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Taking them in her hands, she licked, sucked, and stroked until she was forced to take a breath. She traced their veins with her tongue and her fingers. She pumped until fresh pre-cum glistened from their heads, and then she coated their essence down the length of their shafts only to lick it all up again.

She played with them until her jaws ached. She took them down into her throat until she gagged, and then she did it again until she learned to breathe properly.

They roared at her and warned her they were going to come, pulling at her hair when she wouldn’t listen.

“Please,” she begged. “I want you to come in my mouth. Please.”

“Ah, fuck.”

Their collective defeated grunts made her glow. She sucked on them eagerly. She took them deeper down her throat and left them there until tears slid from her eyes.

She felt their balls tighten. Their bodies stiffen. Their cocks hardened even more.

First Austin. He lifted her hand and kissed her fingers as he spilled into her mouth, filling her with his copious cum and forcing her to breathe properly, or she risked choking on his essence if she swallowed it all in one go. And yet, by kissing her fingertips, he made her feel as if she were a precious flower.

Darien was next. He warned her not to swallow immediately. He wanted to see her mouth flooded with his cum before she swallowed. She obeyed him and then relished in his praise when he finally allowed her to swallow, calling her the hottest woman on the planet.

Emerson wrapped his hand around her throat and squeezed as he ejaculated deep into her mouth. He shuddered so sexily every time she swallowed the ribbons of his cum that she milked every last drop from him so she could experience it again.

Embarrassed at her ungraceful display of greed for them, Adrienne rose shakily to her feet. They reached for her, but when her phone rang, she used it as a lifeline to cover up the wanton mess they had turned her into.

With her back to them, she lifted the phone from the table and stared at it.

At the caller ID.

The heat she had nursed from touching them morphed into frost. She started to tremble.


As if she were underwater, she heard her name being called.

By the time they reached her, they had already pulled their jeans back on. Emerson took the phone from her hands.

She had never seen them with their faces etched with so much fury, and she couldn’t understand why.

“Answer it,” Emerson ordered her. She looked up at him wildly. Why would he want her to answer it? “Answer the call, Adrienne.” The tone he used with her left no room for argument.

She connected the call. Her heart threatened to explode from her chest, but not in a good way.

“My darling wife,” Desmon Morton said on the other side.

“I’m not your wife anymore, Desmond. We’re divorced.”

“You can never be divorced from me, my wife. You were meant to be mine until your last breath. Your divorce is just a piece of paper.”

“What do you want?”

“Ah, glad you asked. I would like to invite you to a ball I’m hosting at my house. I’ll send you the details. But it’s tomorrow night. Oh, and you can bring your three bodyguards if it will make you feel any better. And wife, if you want me to give you back that thing you so want, you’ll make sure you show up. I look forward to having you on my arm again, Adrienne. We never got to consummate our marriage, and prison was lonely, to say the least.” His laugh was the last thing she heard before she flung the phone across the room.

Chapter Thirteen

Adrienne stopped in her tracks. She was still dripping wet from her shower before she loosely tied the towel around her.

Her body soared at the sight of them already dressed in their tuxedos. They were so incredibly handsome; they took her breath away.

But the atmosphere around her intensified. She was already wet. So, so wet. Her nipples already ached for their touch. She was losing her mind, and they were her only sanity. Her only safe place.

After flinging the phone away from her in the cabin, everything inside Adrienne crumbled. Peter’s words came tumbling back to her about everything that Desmond Morton was going to do to her. But he had dangled before her, the only thing that would make her go to him.

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