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And in that split second, I knew exactly which way I wanted to go.

“In that case, CindyLou Geller, there ain’t no way you’re getting rid of me. I’m all in, mama bear, and that little girl of ours better get her spurs on because she got herself a daddy who’s one ornery guitar-playin’ cowboy.”

She gazed down at the floor for a moment, and when she looked back up at me, her wide grin melted my heart and told me I’d made the right decision. “No backing out of it now, Mickey Finn.”

“No way. No how. You have my word.” And I slapped my hand over my heart, to give my words more power.

“Is your word worth anything?”

“It is now!”

We stood and the moment I took her in my arms and felt her beautiful body up against mine, I knew I’d never gotten over this fine woman. Never stopped wanting her or thinking about her no matter what bullshit I’d told myself. She’d always been the girl for me, but yeah, I had all those fucked-up commitment problems.

I was hell bent on working on those problems now.

All I had to do was convince her of that. Not an easy task… especially with Colt and Scotty dancing around her, but I was willing to try.

“When do you want to meet her?” she asked, as we stepped away from the embrace. At once, my stomach clenched again, but in a good way.

“That’s your call.”

“How about Sunday afternoon, say around one? We’re all off that day, so it might be easier for everyone.”

I took in a deep breath. “You moved in with Colt, right?”


“I’ll be there at one on Sunday.”

“Great. Now I really need to get back. See you later,” she said and took off, leaving me breathless… but in a good way.

Colt 11

I couldn’t take my eyes off Mickey and CindyLou. I needed to get my station set up behind the main bar, but I couldn’t help but be curious. I prayed Mickey said the right things to her, and they came to some kind of agreement. When they first started the conversation, I didn’t think it was going in the right direction, but then as it went on, I noticed how CindyLou’s shoulders began to relax, and I knew the shithead had finally said the right thing.

I watched as he walked by me, nodding my way, and I knew the talk had gone well, which made me happy. I could feel the tension drain from my shoulders. Still, the question remained… would he stick to his decision, or would he fuck it all up?

Mickey had plenty of good intentions, but most of the time, he wasn’t too good at making those intentions stick.

“That went better than I’d expected,” CindyLou said without me having to ask. “He said he wants to be part of Darci’s life and sounded as if he meant it. What do you think?”

Scotty walked over looking curious. “What’s going on? Everything okay? Mickey’s not giving the rodeo another whirl or anything?”

“Mickey wants to be in Darci’s life,” CindyLou told him. Apparently, she trusted us. I just hoped she trusted Mickey as well, and if she did, I hoped he valued that trust.

“And did you agree to let him?” Scotty asked.

“I did. I hope I’m not making the biggest mistake of my life,” she said, sounding totally apprehensive about her decision.

My stomach clenched for a moment. Apparently, I still had some of my own apprehensions. “He told me he’s thinking of signing with the Jess Davis Band. That’s huge.”

“Life changing,” Scotty told her. “If he signs with them, he’ll have to make a commitment. The good thing is they’re local, so no matter what kind of fame they get, this is their home.”

Tammy came over. “Hey, guys. Not to break this up or anything, but are your stations ready? Those doors open in ten minutes, and the line is already down the street. We’re in for a busy night.”

“All set,” I told her. I’d already set mine up when I first arrived about two hours ago.

“Ready,” Scotty said.