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“Why don’t you take my truck and drive on home. I’ll catch a ride from one of the guys,” I told her once our two stations were cleaned up. Scotty was still restocking his.

“Everything okay?” she asked, looking concerned. “You seemed a little distant tonight. Or is that your bar face?”

We were standing at the far end of the bar, inside her station.

“The guys and me need to talk, is all,” I said. She was making me a little anxious with her questions.

“If you’re going to get on Mickey for not jumping up and down about Darci, please don’t. I’m a big girl and can take care of myself. We’re working it out.”

Looking at her now, she really had no clue about what was going down between us… all four of us. It was so much more than her and Mickey working out a daddy involvement plan. We were all falling hard for her, and I wanted to see if this kind of plural relationship were even something Scotty and Mickey would even consider.

And if they did, would she?

But I was getting ahead of myself.

“It’s not about that. You and Mickey will sort it out, I’m sure. It’s about how we’re feeling about you.”

“Scotty told you?”

“He didn’t have to. I can see it on his face every time he looks your way.”

“I hope you’re not upset about it.”

I wasn’t sure about them having sex, but she just verified my gut feeling.

“Not upset at all. Who you have sex with is your business, but there are options, especially in this part of the woods.”

“What kind of options?”

“Plural relationship type of options.”

That took the wind out of her sails for a moment. She leaned in and lowered her voice. “You’ve got some of those here?”

I couldn’t help the grin popped on my face.

“Darlin’, we have so many foursomes, I’ve lost count. Here and in Cricket. They’re as normal as that beautiful red hair of yours.”

“Are you suggesting that we… that I… Can that work?”

“Only if you want it to.”

She slid her hands in her back pockets, and my glance instantly traveled down to her beautiful, soft breasts. Couldn’t help it. She’d given me an unobstructed view. I didn’t linger there more than a second or two. Just enough for my cock to respond.

“With you and Scotty?”

“Don’t forget Mickey.” I wasn’t sure if he would go for it yet, but I couldn’t very well leave him out.

“That was a one-off. He can’t commit to a band, no way would he commit to something like this.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure. That’s why we have to talk.”

“This is crazy!” she said, gazing down at the floor.

“What’s crazy?” Tammy asked, appearing out of nowhere.

“That… I’m…”

There was an awkward pause, so I said the first thing that came to me. “That CindyLou is considering joining you and the girls up onstage next Tuesday night.”