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“I… I… need to sit down,” CindyLou said, as she slipped out of my arms and plopped back into her chair.

I returned to my chair as well, and we all waited while she knocked off her glass of wine, then poured herself another.

“Well, if that didn’t change things, I don’t know what has,” she finally said. “Is that true, Mickey? You’re in love with me?”

Step up or step out, I told myself.

“Yes,” I told her. “Unfortunately, I can’t help it. I’m in love with you, and so are these two assholes if they ever get around to admitting the truth.”

“I can speak for myself,” Colt said. “Don’t need you, of all people, to be talking for me.”

“Me too,” Scotty said, but I could tell I stepped on his ego, and he had a lot more to say. “What I mean is, you’re not my… oh, fucking shut up, Mickey. Let CindyLou talk.”

“This is all… I had no idea…” she turned to Colt. “Just what did y’all have in mind?”

When she started guzzling her third glass of wine, I knew she was more nervous about this talk than she’d been singing onstage tonight… which she nailed! I had no idea she had so much talent going on. Not only could she play a mean guitar, but that voice sent shivers through me.

“To begin with,” Colt began, “there’s some truth to what Mickey is saying about the whole love thing… Not that I can speak for either one of them, but well, my feelings for you are off the charts. I’ve always liked you… but now that I’ve gotten to know you… but that’s not why we’re all here.”

CindyLou sat forward, crossed her legs, and rested her chin on her hand, her elbow poking into her fine thigh. “And just why are we all gathered in your living room, Colt? What’s the plan here?”

He took a deep breath then blurted out the words. “The plan is that we all care for you, and we’re hoping that we could all date you… at once…at the same time.”

“When you say all date me at the same time, just what exactly does that entail?”

“That we’d all have sex with you… at the same time… in the same bed,” he said, and my heart took such a flip in my chest it almost hurt. My pulse raced and my hands were actually sweating, which had never happened before. Not even when I was getting ready to ride a fucking wild bronc.

“Do we have a bed big enough?” she asked without expression.

None of us answered. I don’t think we were even breathing.

“Colt just told you that we would all be in bed at the same time and all you want to know is the dimensions of the bed?” Scotty asked looking totally puzzled.

I could feel my crazy sense of humor taking hold, but I held it in… at least for now, until she said, “Pretty much, yes. I’ve never done anything like this before, and I’d want to be comfortable. And besides, if one of you falls off, or breaks the damn bed, where’s the fun in that? After almost two years, I’m just now getting reacquainted with my… I’m just going to say it… with my pussy, and I don’t want any distractions when I’m on the verge of an epic orgasm. And with you three surrounding me, touching me or inside me, my orgasms couldn’t possibly be anything but fucking epic!”

“I’ll order a bigger bed tomorrow,” Colt said without hesitation.

I couldn’t help myself. I started laughing and couldn’t stop. Scotty joined in as well. Not Colt, though. To him this was serious business.

“So, you’re saying…” Colt began.

“I’m all in… with all three of you. Only ground rules I have is that nothing happens when Darci’s here. At least not yet, and that includes kissing. She can never see more than that, but for now, kissing is off limits. Let’s see how this goes first. If it has legs. If all that love talk is real. And above all, we keep this bedroom bonanza to ourselves for as long as we can. Once my uncle finds out, all hell will break loose. I’ll have to be the one to tell him. My aunt has already accepted this in other couples, but I don’t know for certain if she’ll be okay with us. Those are my only ground rules. Oh, and no public touching or kissing at Dirty Coyote, either. I don’t want to take any chances there… although, Tammy will probably figure it out on her own. The woman seems to have a sixth sense about things.”

“Anything else?” Colt asked.

“Yeah, anything?” Scotty asked. “What I mean is, is there anything off limits in the bedroom?”

“Believe me, I’ll let you know once we get there, but for now, anything goes as long as it doesn’t hurt me or any of you. I’m not into pain, I’m into comfort… lots of comfort.”

“Did you just say anything goes?” Colt asked.

She nodded. “Within reason, of course. Like I said, I don’t like pain of any kind.”

“Do you have any idea what those words do to a man?” I asked her, my dick already rock hard.

“I can see the affects,” she said, chuckling. Then she said, “I’m going to head on over to the bathroom and hop in the shower. Give me a few minutes, then whoever wants to join me… well, I won’t push you away.”

She got up, grabbed the bottle of wine, slid it off the table with a sexy little move, and headed up the stairs to the bedrooms and bathrooms. I had no idea which bathroom she’d be using, but I knew I could find it in a heartbeat.