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Her grin grew wider, as she rocked her hips against mine and pulled me in tighter with her legs.

“Now… right… now.” Her body jerked and bucked as she clenched so tight around my cock, I lost all control and came right along with her, spilling my seed deep inside her. My body clenched to spill every drop into this magnificent woman. We rocked and bucked together, as if we were confirming a secret contract that we would never break.

We kept our sounds down low, not wanting anyone to hear what was going on right outside their windows. I wanted to let it rip, let my voice be heard right up to the stars, but I knew better. I’d never fallen victim to one of Daryl’s fists, and I wasn’t about to let that happen now. I knew damn well if he knew about this, they’d be scraping the wreckage of what remained of my sorry-ass body from this floor.

And that’s after he’d already destroyed what had to be one of the more memorable moments of my life.

“I should go on up to bed, and you should probably leave,” she mumbled, as I rolled on my back and pulled up my underwear and jeans. Then she scooted in tight next to me.

“I probably should,” I told her, not wanting to move, feeling more comfortable than I had in months. Desperately wanting to stay right there, gazing up at a night sky so filled with stars, they threatened to blind you with their light. Plus, when you added the quiet to the mix, and the fact I could feel her heart beating against my chest, moving seemed impossible.

“Yep. Right to…” And she drifted off once again, head resting on my shoulder, arm and part of her upper body pressed against my chest, leg resting over mine, smelling like sex and jasmine. Even when we were kids, she always smelled like jasmine… not a strong scent like she’d drenched herself in the perfume. It was more like a subtle whisper you might pick up on a breeze on a warm day. I’d noticed it as soon as I walked up on the porch tonight, but I purposely ignored it. I somehow managed to get my jeans zipped up, and my belt buckled once again. Considering she had most of the blanket, I thought this was the safest thing for me to do, considering where we were.

I couldn’t ignore her scent now. It blanketed us and sent me off to dreamland better than any drug ever could.

CindyLou 4

I didn’t open my eyes again until I heard Darci fuss somewhere off in the distance, and Auntie Donna’s soothing voice told me she’d taken care of her.

Which caused me to linger a little longer than I probably should have.

The thing about waking up in Colt’s arms was that I didn’t want to move, at least not right away. I felt safe, warm, and comfortable… so comfortable. I hadn’t felt this way in… well… ever. Not really.

And we were lying down on the sofa, facing each other. He lay along the back of the sofa, while I cuddled up along the edge. I had no idea this rickety sofa could actually handle two people.

God, he was good looking, a strong chin, a perfect nose, and long, black eyelashes. His eyelashes were longer than mine. No wonder his eyes always looked so warm and inviting.

And no wonder I had a crush on him when I was fourteen, and damn if I still didn’t have a crush on him now that I was twenty-five. And the dream I had about him… wow… way too hot.

While I was staring at him, so close to his face I could kiss him, his eyes popped open, and I jumped, nearly falling off the sofa.

“Am I that scary?” he asked, chuckling.

“No. No. Of course not. I just thought you were sleeping, is all.”

I tried to push myself up and realized that someone had covered us with a blanket.

“We should do this more often,” he said, teasing, his eyes sparkling.

“We didn’t do anything,” I told him, trying to stand, but somehow getting tangled up in the blanket.

He rolled his eyes and made a face. “I think we kind of did.”

“No, we didn’t,” I said, standing, with the blanket wrapped around me. “Nothing happened.”

“We, um, slept together,” he whispered.

“We most certainly did not! At least not that way. We just slept.”

“I think we did a little more than sleep,” he whispered again.

I started to argue with him as I unwrapped the tangled blanket and realized I was half naked. That’s when our night came roaring back like a runaway freight train.

I plopped back down next to him. “So, I didn’t dream it?”

“Not unless we had the same dream, and I don’t think that’s possible.”

“It didn’t mean anything,” I said the words, but I knew there was more to it than that. Still, I was hopeful.