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Ah. I understand. It’s much, much too small to fist like my own erection. Circling it with my thumb, I sink my biggest finger into her heat. The muscles of her sweet cunt grip me tightly, and my release closes in.

I fight it back.

Not yet.

Her small cries rise in pitch as she thrusts against my strokes. I push in and out while circling her clit, and I can’t help but think she would enjoy this more if she were on top once more.

I sit up and roll her onto my lap. Her eyes fly open in surprise, and she rolls her hips forward, riding my hand properly, grinding, and rolling her head back in pleasure.

“You are beautiful, my Ivy,” I rasp, nuzzling my face between her round breasts.

“Cyran! Yes, yes, yes!” Ivy hisses, and I feel something alter inside her. Her cunt spills her honey, hot and sticky, as her muscles grip my finger. Ivy arches her back as her release takes over, sending her into a fugue state. I recognize this feeling, though it is far more intense than anything I’ve experienced before.

“That,” she says, once she’s caught her breath, rubbing a hand through my long hair, “was my pussy you just destroyed.”

“Destroyed?” I ask, alarmed.

Ivy laughs and collapses against me, wrapping her arms around my neck and tackling me onto my back with wet, playful kisses.

“It’s an expression. Wow, you really have zero contact with the human world, don’t you?”

“But now I have you to teach me everything.”

She smiles, and it fills the empty spaces in my chest. She belongs here, lying on my chest, smiling at me. She’ll be the perfect wife and mate and mother of our young, if that is meant to be.

“Want me to show you something else that humans like to do?”

“My Ivy, I want you to show me everything.” I cup her face and draw her down for another hungry kiss.

When she pulls away, she blesses all of me with her sweet, soft lips. She uses her tongue and mouth on the skin of my chest and stomach.

“What do you want me to do, Ivy?”

“Just lie there and look pretty,” she says.

I bark out a laugh, but this is rapidly followed by a wild intake of breath as I watch those swollen lips kiss the head of my cock.

“Ivy!” I grind out.

I’ve lost the ability to speak. I sense only Ivy and her wet, warm mouth teasing my erection, sucking it in, licking off my precum and swallowing. Looking down, my eyes lock with hers.

I watch in amazement while desperately trying not to explode down her throat.

“I c-can see why humans…like this.”

It’s becoming embarrassing now, how talented this human is with sex in comparison to me.

Ivy milks my length with her hollowed-out cheeks and lets it pop free of her lips. “You’re holding back, Cyran. Let it go. It’s okay…I can’t wait to tell everybody I know that I swallowed for a ding-dang Christmas elf.”

“No,” I grit out. “Not down your throat. I…I…” I’m afraid if I say another word, it will all be over.

Ivy sits up. “Tell me. Say it.”

“I want to see how it looks on you.”

Slowly, understanding dawns on her lovely face. “Oh. You want to come on my tits. That’s normal, Cyran.”

“Is it normal to also want to release on your face?”

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