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“They’re billionaires who get shit done.”

“That’s actually perfectly put. They’d like that description. You talked to Carmen?”

“Briefly.” Harry ran his hand over his hair. His head was spinning. “She liked you. You impressed her. You didn’t have to go in that building with Mick, draw the fire of the men in there. It saved a lot of lives that day.”

“I know you all want me to testify. I already said I would. You don’t have to hold me hostage and try to convince me. I’ll go on the stand and tell everything I know about those bastards and what they’ve done.”

“Its not that simple,” Kenan reported, looking a bit dodgy.

“I know I might not get immunity or whatever. I was there. I did the job. I didn’t report the thing I saw. I have to live with that, and if it means jail time for me then…”

“You can’t testify because you’re dead.”

Harry felt a dagger plunge into his heart. The words were intense and unexpected. “I’m dead?”

“As far as the world is concerned, yes.” Kenan tucked his hands in his pockets. “It doesn’t have to stay that way. We can course correct. We can tell the world you did survive that day. But then you couldn’t do the real work. The thing that really needs to be done.”

“The real work?” Harry asked, cocking up a brow. “What does that mean?”

“Come down stairs, have dinner with me. I’ll explain as much as I can, and then you can decide what you want.”

Before this conversation, Harry thought he knew what he wanted. He would find Rose and Nathaniel and make everything right. He’d protect her. They’d testify. They’d figure out how to start a real life. Or maybe… they wouldn’t. Maybe the adrenaline and trauma of their lives would make that impossible. Rose would have Nathaniel and all the support she needed, and Harry would be a terrible reminder of what came before.

“Is she safe, is she doing, ok?” Harry asked, not having to elaborate on who he meant.

“She’s well protected. They are getting a lot of help. Nathaniel is doing well.”

“Seeing me again, that might…”

“It might.” Kenan agreed. “It’s hard to say.”

Harry only nodded. “You think I’m better off dead than alive?” He chuckled and pinched the bridge of his nose as he tried to process it all.

“I think you’re someone who could be invaluable to the work we do. This place, where you are right now, holds a very special place in Carmen’s heart. It’s where she came when only death waited for her back home. This is Verde Lago. It’s a safe haven when there is nowhere else for people to turn. It’s under attack. Or it will be. Carmen needs you to help protect it.”

“What about Mick and Charlize, or any of the other people who work for you guys. Why me?” Harry cleared his throat nervously.

“This place is like a whisper. A secret. The only way to really keep it safe is with a ghost. Someone who doesn’t exist. This job needs—”

“A dead guy.”

Follow Charlize home in The Boyfriend Loophole

Charlize has been called home as her mother begins to succumb to a long illness. Reluctantly taking a step back from her role in private security with the Kinross organization, Charlize resumes her role as a detective, armed with a badge and a determination to still make a difference in this world.

Amidst the challenges of settling into a small-town police precinct, she stumbles upon a mysterious case. A baffling disappearance that local authorities dismiss as attention-seeking antics. Charlize's instincts, however, tell her there's more to the story. Especially when digging she discovers multiple cases in the state with the same haunting details.

The Boyfriend Loopholeis a gripping tale where chasing down evil might lead Charlize to her own reflection in the mirror. Every code she's lived by becomes irrelevant and she crosses a line she knows she won't be able to come back from."

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