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The sun was still trying to break through the mid-morning overcast when Norrie heard Demi’s truck pull up in front of the house. Instantly, she knew something was wrong. Demi always parked behind so she could plug her truck in. She rushed to where she knew Demi kept Harold’s old rifle hidden in the closet… cleaned and loaded.

Chapter Thirty-six

Demi drove toward her home, watching carefully for any wildlife on the road. Often, they had close calls with deer, bears, wolves and even rabbits that paid no attention to the noisy vehicles whooshing down on them.

When she saw the unidentified truck halfway in the snowbank on the side of the road, she instantly thought to keep driving. Until a man jumped out in front of her vehicle with his gun pointed right at her face. Then she stopped.

Christ, she’d seen that face before. She knew without a doubt, this was Philip Crane, the nutjob out to kill Loretta Hillside. How the hell did he find their lane? Unless you knew exactly where to turn off the highway, most people would just drive past.

Could he have followed Norrie and Loretta here? A rush of thankfulness overrode her fear for as long as it took the man to get into the truck with her. As happy as she was to imagine Norrie being alive, her situation had suddenly become dire.

“What do you want? What’s your problem?”

“Shut up. Keep driving. There’s a woman near here who’s about to get what she has coming to her. I intend to find her.”

“Look, I don’t know what your beef is with her, but it’s none of my business. You’re a strang—”

“Shut up. Just do as you’re told, and you won’t get hurt. Drive.” He shoved his gun into her side to convince her he meant business.

Demi put the truck into gear and started slowly forward, hoping to see her wolf in the distance. Nito always seemed to know when she arrived and would often be waiting for her at the cabin. She prayed this time he’d show up.

“Pull in front. No one will suspect anything’s wrong when they see your vehicle.”

Demi didn’t argue. But she knew damned well that anyone who knew her would know that she’d never drive to the front of the cabin. Even though Whit had cleared a narrow area there, mainly for them to be able to walk from the parking spots to the front door easily, they’d never gotten in the habit of driving there.

“Climb over me and go out this door. I want them to see you first.”

“No way. I don’t want to be anywhere near you.”

“Don’t mess with me, lady. If I have to shoot you, I won’t hesitate. I’ve come this far to put a bullet in Alex, so killing one more won’t make a whole lot of difference.”

“Who’s Alex? I have no idea who you’re talking about.”

“Your precious doctor.” Quit stalling. Out.”

Hearing the madness in his voice, Demi decided that she’d have more luck to make a move when their proximity wasn’t so close. Doing as he ordered, Demi shivered with revulsion having to be so close to the clean-shaven, white-haired aristocratic crazy in charge.

She scrambled over him, thinking to accidently stumble and shove her elbow into his groin. But when he held the gun barrel against her temple, she changed her mind. Scanning the area, praying to see Nito, she slowly descended from the truck.

There. The beautiful bastard. God she loved that animal.

She watched him run like the wind in their direction, silent yet deadly.

“Stop here.” Philip shoved her forward slightly to give him room to get out himself.

Knowing Nito was only seconds away, she decided to make her move. Ramming herself backward, his body between her and the truck, she then tried to get out of the wolf’s way. Unfortunately, when the bullet pierced her back, she had no idea if her strategy worked.

Norrie and Loretta saw the raging wolf fly through the air to take down the killer. They waited as the vicious animal went for the throat… only to get the next bullet.

Seeing Philip throw off the animal’s carcass, Norrie aimed Harold’s rifle and pulled the trigger.


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