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The lower part of my face is slick, but I keep going. I can’t get enough. The taste and scent of her pussy is fucking intoxicating. Devon tightens her fist and mouth around my cock, sucking and jerking me with a rhythm that has me hurtling toward the edge. I spread her open and lick her as she grinds herself against my mouth.

Devon’s body tightens and her legs start to tremble, and I know she’s close.

“Come for me, baby girl. Come on me.”

Her breathing is ragged, but she keeps licking and sucking on my cock, stroking me up and down as the tremble in her legs grows stronger. I smack her ass again, harder this time, and she gasps.

When my tongue hits her clit, Devon cries out. She thrusts herself harder against my face, her whole body shaking as she comes. I lap up her juices, reveling in the way she’s writhing against my face. It takes a few minutes but eventually, her quivering starts to slow, and her legs stop shaking. And when it does, she takes me back into her mouth and starts working me furiously again.

“Wait, wait,” I gasp. “Hold up.”

I know if I let her keep sucking me off, I’m going to come, so I roll her off me. I’m not done with her yet. Sitting up, I grab hold of Devon and throw her down onto her back. She smiles as she parts her legs for me, giving me a full view of everything. Resisting the urge to bury my tongue inside of her again, I plant a hand on either side of her head and brace myself above her.

“I need your dick, Daddy,” she moans. “I need you to fill me up.”

Say no more.

A low groan passing my lips, I thrust my hips and bury myself inside of her. Devon gasps as I sheath myself in her sex, stretching her open with my girth. She bites her bottom lip but gives me a smile and shudders.

Fire fills my veins. I start to move inside of her, slow and gentle at first, letting her get used to the feeling of me filling her up so completely. But when I see that spark of hunger in her eyes, that desperate need for more, I give her a grin and start to pound her harder.

“Oh, fuck,” she stutters. “Oh, yes, Daddy. Harder. Give it to me harder.”

I give her what she wants and start fucking her as hard as I can. The sharp crack of our bodies crashing together fills the room, blending with Devon’s cries and my grunts, the noise so loud, I’m sure my neighbors can hear us through the walls. I don’t care. My breathing is labored and the muscles in my legs are burning as I continue fucking her wildly, as if I’m taking out all the day’s frustrations on her.

She’s gasping and moaning but still has that sultry smile on her face, which only turns me on even more. Small and delicate as she seems, Devon can take a hell of a pounding. She reaches up and takes hold of my wrist, so I let her take it. She moves it to her throat and has me wrap my fingers around her neck. I look at her questioningly, but she just smiles.

“Do it, Daddy. Choke me.”

My cock has never been harder as I squeeze her throat lightly while I continue pounding her, making sure I don’t hurt her, get carried away, or do anything she doesn’t want. Devon keeps her hand over mine, imploring me with her eyes to keep going. I’m so turned on that I feel my balls tighten almost painfully as I swell. I grit my teeth and keep thrusting my hips for all I’m worth, impaling her again and again.

It all feels so fucking amazing, I’m trying to hold off, but I know it’s already too late. An animalistic growl bursts from my throat as my cock pulses, and a moment later, I explode. My body shakes wildly as I feel my spunk shooting out in hard, thick streams.

“Oh, fuck,” I groan.

Devon draws in a long, shuddering breath. I lean forward and bury my face in the crook of her neck, my entire body tingling as I pump every last drop into her. She clings to me, her warm body pressed to mine, and runs her fingers through my hair. I pull back and open my eyes then stare into hers.

I’m arrested by her sight, by this sight. And I feel something else flood my veins. Emotions I’ve never felt for anybody before. When I said this is more than physical, it is. I’m already burning with the need to have her beside me forever, with her as my wife and the mother of my children. Our family. Ours.

“What is it?” she asks.

“I love you, Devon.”

Her face blanches, and her entire body tenses as she stares back at me. I hadn’t meant to say that, but as I looked into her eyes just now, the words came flying out before I was able to check them. And seeing her looking at me the way she is, I realize I made a mistake and am silently kicking my own ass. That was stupid.

She’s young and probably isn’t close to being ready for something like that. I should have known better. My face is growing warm, and I feel stupid as shit as I try to find a way to walk it back.

“You… you love me?” she asks, her voice soft.

I grimace. “Listen, I didn’t mean—”

“I love you too, Dawson.”

The wave of relief that washes over me is as deep as it is profound, and if I had been standing, it would’ve knocked me off my feet.

“You do?”

“I do. Like, a lot,” she says, but then I see that strange glint in her eye I saw before. And just like before, I can’t put my finger on what it is.

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