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Swear to God, there’s nothing softer than her mouth. I can’t deal with it. I can’t deal with her mouth and her curious tongue while she’s jacking me off. It’s too much good at once and my head spins, my muscles growing taut.

“Your hand is so soft,” I grit out.

My first hand job. Her first, too.

Both of our first kiss.

And we don’t waste time trying to determine the correct technique. Maybe I would have if I wasn’t seconds from spilling everywhere. But I am. God, I am. So the kiss is wet and frantic, our lips parting on unsteady inhales, her innocent tongue branding mine. Lapping at it, little sobs breaking from her throat. I’m shocked to my fucking bones how bad she seems to want it, her lips parting so wide for me, as if inviting me to take everything she is.

To make her mine.

What if she parts her thighs as wide as her lips?

What if she opens them for me, right here on the back of the bus?

As soon as I’m picturing her cheerleading skirt hiked up, her pussy out in the open, invitation in her eyes, the come erupts from the head of my cock. Fuckohfuckohfuck.

I have to tear my mouth away from her sweet, beautiful one and throw my back up against the seat, hips rolling into her grip, doing everything I can to keep from moaning. “I’m sorry,” I bite out. “I c-can’t stop…”

“I don’t want you to,” she whispers.

Her eyes are arrested on my face, excited. She isn’t grossed out by the sticky moisture I’m spurting into her hand, the sheer abundance of it. No, she seems to be almost proud of herself. And it makes me come harder. Longer. Until my well has finally been pumped dry.

We’re both breathing hard, her eyes bright, my lids at half mast.

I have to say something, but I have no idea what. Thank you would be a start. But I’m so worried I’ll follow it up with I worship you, I love everything about you, I hesitate—

And then the bus groans to a stop in our school parking lot.

I didn’t even know we were moving.

In front of us, football players start standing and I quickly fix my pants, watching as Jill propels herself into motion, wiping her hand on the sweatshirt, balling it up and stuffing it into her bag. Is she smiling? It looks like it, but she ducks her head and I can’t see.

It’s probably just wishful thinking.

As soon as everyone in the seats in front of us have cleared out, I stand and gesture for her to precede me into the aisle. Yeah, I’m a real gentleman. I’ve just let this virgin beat me off on the back of the bus where anyone could have seen. I would have gotten high fived over it, while she would have been ridiculed. But at least I let her walk in front of me, right?

You’re supposed to be better than this, asshole.

“Thanks,” she says, brushing past me, bag slung over her shoulder.

That’s when I notice her nipples are hard against her cheerleading top.

There are goosebumps on her arms, her thighs. She’s trembling.

Jill is turned on—by me. Which is shocking enough. But the fact that I’ve done nothing for her, nothing to satisfy her, hits me like a ton of bricks. Jesus, am I really so selfish? I have to fix this. Now. “Jilly Beans, I—”

“Jill!” one of the cheerleaders calls from the front of the bus. “Come on, I’m starving.”

“Oh, that’s right,” she mutters to herself, before turning back to me. “The squad is going to the diner. I forgot.”

Normally I would drive her home. I always drive her home. It’s my job.

But hell, maybe she wants to get away from the selfish asshole who was too overcome with lust to return the favor she paid him. “Right,” I say, clearing my throat hard. God, I can’t even look at her, I’m so ashamed of myself. Tonight might have been my one and only chance to touch Jill and I fucking blew it. “Will you just…text me to let me know when you’re home safe?”

I chance a look up and find her eyes sparkling. “Yes.”

“Inside with the door locked.”

“I know, Zach.” She turns to leave, but stops and looks back at me. “Um. I’m spending the night at your house tomorrow night. A few of us girls are.” She chews her lip, appearing to work up some courage. The toes of her white sneakers are climbing over each other, her body shifting side to side. “Maybe we can do m-more…exploring?”


Is this for real?

Yeah, I think it is. I think Jill is curious about sex and like she said, I’m the only one she trusts. I’m the guy she’s chosen to experiment with. And I need to remember that Jill wanting to learn about her sexual urges safely doesn’t mean she has feelings for me.

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