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“Now, habibti.”

A silent threat underscored the words, but instead of feeling scared or angry, I was shocked to realize that it was nothing but excitement coursing through my veins and making my fingers shake as I reached for the hem of my shirt.

It seemed to take forever before I could get rid of my clothes.




And finally, that scrap of cotton protecting my pussy.

“Stop covering yourself,” the sheikh growled.

“Asshole.” But even so, I couldn’t help submitting to his command, and my arms slowly fell to my sides. I was completely naked now, every bare inch of my body exposed to his gaze.

The fingers around his cock stilled as he studied me, and I could feel myself turning red all over under the hungry intensity of his scrutiny.

“Cup your tits.”

I started to protest, but when I saw the way his gaze narrowed in warning, I found myself swallowing the words back and doing as he said. I slowly reached up to cup my breasts. They felt heavier than usual, and they were aching pretty hard, too.

“Play with your nipples.”

Another instinctive protest brimmed over the edge of my lips, but the sheikh seemed to sense this, and his lips tightened. “Don’t make me fucking repeat myself.”

Asshole. I could only curse him in silence as my fingers started shaking again. Oh God. My face felt ridiculously hot as my fingers finally found my nipples, and another delirious wave of awareness washed over me as I started playing with them.

I alternated between pinching and tweaking my nipples, and each time I did, a punishingly sweet jolt of pleasure would strike my body.

“Harder, habibti.”

This time, I didn’t even think of disobeying him. Pleasure had me completely enslaved, and it grew exponentially when I did as he ordered. Oh God. My eyes drifted shut, and I found myself fantasizing that it was the sheikh’s fingers—-




My hands were suddenly brushed aside, fantasy instantly turning into reality as the sheikh replaced my touch, and it was truly his fingers now that were playing with my nipples.

God. Oh God.

There was nothing gentle about his touch. He was kneading my breasts hard, pinching my nipples hard, and when his head bent close, I could only cry out when I felt him actually biting the swollen, pouting tips.


My nipples stung, but the sensation was as painful as it was arousing, and I found myself blindly reaching up to grip his hair as he started sucking on my nipples. God, he was practically eating me now, his mouth devouring almost half of my breast, and it felt so, so unbelievably good.

I cried out in protest when he lifted his head, but thankfully it was only so he could do the same thing to my other breast, biting my nipple once more before soothing it with circular sweeps of his tongue.

Moisture started turning my already swollen folds creamy, and my legs started to shake. I didn’t think I could take any more of this. He was making me feel so damn weak. But just as my legs threatened to give out, he suddenly pulled me close and twisted us around.

The next thing I knew, I was flat on my back on his massive bed, and he was looming over me, his handsome face taut with desire. I saw his gaze trail down just as he pried my legs open, and my heart leapt to my throat as I felt him staring at my aching cunt.

Idiot that I was, I thought he’d say something at that moment, but…

This was the sheikh, after all.

And because the asshole knew that my lack of experience meant I only had the usual books and movies to rely on (and in those cases, the guy would always say something first, just to sort of prepare the girl for what was about to happen)—-

The only warning I got was that cruel glint of triumph in his dark gaze.

Oh, fuck.

I’m fucked.

And I was.

I cried out as his enormous cock tore through my hymen in one deep, hard thrust, and the pain, albeit fleeting, was still enough to have my body stiffen and jerk. I instinctively dug my nails deep into the panes of his back. I wanted him to hurt, too, dammit, and his grunt of pain was music to my ears.

The feeling of being so fully penetrated, with his dick embedded to the hilt, was nothing like I imagined. He had me so fucking stuffed, there didn’t seem to be the tiniest part inside of me that his cock wasn’t rubbing against, and when I felt him slowly start to withdraw…

All I could do was tense and hold my breath, unable to help wondering if perhaps this was the part where the sheikh would inevitably fail me. Surely, it couldn’t feel any better—-


A sudden gasp tore out of my throat as the sheikh, having withdrawn almost completely out of me, suddenly plunged back in with ruthless force. It hurt, of course it fucking did, but more than that, however—-