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My back shot up in an instant, and as heat flared in my cheeks, I literally felt feverish and dizzy for a second, just thinking about the fact that his hand was against my bare thigh under my dress, his thumb dangerously close to the edge of my underwear, while we…were…in…PUBLIC!

“Get your hand off my body, damn you.” I was careful to keep my voice low despite my anger and mortification. The restaurant was dimly lit, sure, but with those incandescent strobe lights passing by our table every so often, it would only take one instance, just one fucking instance for the couple seated on my right to glance our way while the lights were on us—-

And then I felt it, his fingers crawling up—-

What the fuck?

My horrified gaze flew up to his, and dark eyes glittered back at me. “Tell me, habibti,” he invited silkily. “Do you think I shall find your pussy all soft and wet?”

Before I could even think of jerking away, his fingers had already reached my most secret part—-


I barely managed to stifle my gasp as his fingers stroked my swollen folds, and I could feel myself drowning in a mixture of shame and pleasure as I felt myself growing wet…until the thin barrier of cotton that separated his fingers from my flesh became completely drenched.




A sensual jolt electrified my body every time his fingers caressed my quivering folds, and I found myself gripping the edges of the table. “Stop it—-”

But this only made the asshole exert just a bit more pressure with his strokes, to the point that it was almost as if he was kneading my pussy, and oh God, it was all I could do not to cry out as the pleasure grew tenfold.

“I’m a man of my word, habibti,” he said gently. “I told you that you’d enjoy paying for your little act of rebellion, did I not?”

“Fuck you.” The words were out before I could stop myself, and when I saw his nostrils flare…fuck, fuck, fuck! I had forgotten what he had said earlier. Making me mad was his ultimate turn-on, and before I could take the words back, it was too late—-

His other arm had wrapped around me, his fingers splaying behind my bare back as he pulled me close, and oh God, even this most basic of touches was too much now, and I could feel my senses reeling out of control.

I tried to struggle one last time, but he was too strong, and I found myself holding my breath, preparing myself for the moment he’d kiss me and all would be lost.

Any moment now…

Oh God…

And then…

He twisted me around in the last second, and a startled gasp escaped me when I suddenly found myself facing the couple at the other table, my back pressed against his chest. His fingers slid inside my panties just as his breath caressed my ear.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

And then his head was dipping low, his lips closing over the frantically beating pulse in my neck—-

Oh God.

The strobe lights passed our table, illuminating our faces for a fraction of time…just as the woman seated only a few feet away absently glanced at our direction.

Oh God.

The strobe lights moved to the woman’s table, this time illuminating the look of shock on her face as she took on the sight of the SOB sucking on my neck like a bloody vampire while he continued to work on my pussy under my dress.

“Someone’s seen us, you ass—-”

But this only had him chuckling against my skin. “Even better.” The movement of his fingers started to quicken. “You’ll come faster that way.”



But by then it was too late.

The way he was sucking on my neck…and the way he was stroking my flesh…all the while feeling the other woman gaping at me…

Oh God, oh God.

I squeezed my eyes shut in a last-ditch effort to stay in control, but it was just too much. Everything was too new, and he was just too good.

Oh Gooooooooooooooooood.

The whole world seemed to spin out of control as I felt myself start to orgasm, and I couldn’t even think of resisting as he pulled me harder against him. It was strange and addictive, this feeling of having something thick and creamy gush out of me and coating his fingers…and as the shudders marginally faded, and I felt him carefully withdraw his fingers—-

My eyes drifted open when I felt him lift his head, and that was when I heard it: the sound of him licking my cum of his fingers, right next to my ear. My brain kinda short-circuited after that, and I found myself dizzily submitting to his commands.

When he told me to open my legs, I did so without question, and I could only squeeze my eyes shut once again as I felt him clean me under my dress with his handkerchief. I heard the woman from the other table mutter ‘unbelievable’ under her breath, and I was torn between shame and resignation.

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