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Slowly, he eased into my wetness, only picking up his pace when he was in as far as he could go. He reared back and thrust in again, pounding into me in a rhythm I had come to crave.

He drove into me again and again with heavy grunts of exertion. I tightened my thighs as his shaft jerked against my body’s small contractions, clutching his amazing cock.

“Yes, now, now…” I cried, my nails digging into the flesh of his back.

“Fucking, yes, Emerson. Now!” he demanded, surging into me harder, faster, deeper.

I felt myself coming apart beneath him, my orgasm only intensifying when I felt him come inside me. He wrapped his arm around the back of my knee, opening me wider as he continued to surge inside me.

“I can’t get enough of you,” he groaned. Just when I thought he’d stop and roll his body next to mine, he roared back with an unexpected urgency.“Fuck,”he cried out again, and I could feel him emptying still more inside me.

I started to move, but Lynx latched onto my butt, holding me against him.

“I’m not letting you go, Emerson. Not ever.”

“I don’t want you to.”

He pulled back and looked into my eyes, his big hand still clenching my bottom. “I love you,” he said, his green eyes piercing mine. “You’re mine, now and forever.”

“I love you too, Lynx.”

“Say it again,” he growled.

“I love you, Lynx.”

“Now say the rest.”

“I want you to fuck me senseless.”

He smiled. “Not exactly what I was looking for, but I’ll take it.”

“I’m yours, Lynx, and you’re mine. Now and forever.”


“I should call Nora and apologize. I didn’t even say goodbye. Or thank her,” I said hours later when I rolled out of bed. Every inch, every muscle of my body ached from being sucked, laved, kneaded, fucked, but mainly and mostly—loved.

Instead of getting up to look for my phone, I watched Lynx pad his way to the bathroom, remembering how I’d ogled his ass the morning I passed him as he went into my building and I went out. It was so much better than with clothes covering it.

He turned around and smiled, holding his hand out to me. “Shower with me,” he said, and I smiled back.

“I think we should take a bath instead.” I led him down the hallway to the guest bath and pushed the door open. The claw-foot tub had been the main reason I’d rented the apartment, even though at the time, I wondered if I’d ever use it.


“How long can you stay?” I asked him as we sat at the dining room table and nibbled leftover Brazilian food Nora and I had brought back with us last night.

“About that…”

I raised my eyes and looked into his.

“There’s something I’d like to discuss with you.”

“Okay,” I murmured, dreading whatever it was he was about to say.

“I’m leaving MI6.”