Blackmail Baby Surprise

Author: Holly Rayner
Category: Billionaire Romance | Romance | Adult | Erotic
Total pages: 52

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Blackmail Baby Surprise

She was tasked with stealing his most prized possession,
But not in a million years did she expect to give him a baby!

Emma Armitage is a corporate spy in hot water. Facing jail time or worse, she agrees to take an unusual contract, not knowing that the consequences will change her life forever…

Patrick Daniels might as well be married to his job. A lifelong workaholic, he struggles to trust anyone but himself. Emma is the new employee who changes everything; something about her catches him and refuses to let go. She draws him out of the office and brings joy back into his life,and even though he knows the last thing he should be doing is falling for an employee, for the first time it feels like his heart might be winning out over his head…

Even as her heart screams at her, Emma knows she has no choice but to complete her unsavory mission.

What neither of them realizes is that in the process, they’re creating something more precious entirely…

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