Obeying His Rules

Author: Jenna Rose
Category: Romance | Erotic
Total pages: 46

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Obeying His Rules

When Rain Lauren spies CEO Marlon Carnell at a Manhattan bar, sparks do not fly. In fact, Marlon tells her to walk away, saying she really does not know what she’s getting herself into. But Rain works for the toughest woman in the fashion industry and is not one to back down. She insists Marlon asks her out, and he agrees, under one condition: she’s not allowed to fall in love with him after he blows her mind.

His arrogance drives her wild, and their night together opens her mind to a whole new world. She feels her resolve slipping, and her curiosity about this incredible man growing. But then come Marlon’s rules: no personal questions, and never ask him anything about his past.

Rain agrees, believing she can manage a friends-with-benefits situation like this, but it’s not long before she realizes she’s in completely over her head and this man may be more than she can handle.