Pinot Promises

Author: Fancy Roberts
Category: Romance
Total pages: 61

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Pinot Promises

Will they become partners in wine…or just another pour decision?

Maggie Moore is many things—creative, caring, throws an excellent party—but cautious isn’t one of them. Juggling her new event planning business after her picket-fence dreams fall apart, the last thing Maggie needs is to let her impetuous heart be in charge. Especially when it’s blindsided by Sunshine Cellars resident grump and his sassy daughter.

Kel Adams is as skilled at bottling up his emotions as he is a pinot. Running his best friend’s family winery wasn’t his life’s dream, but Sunshine Cellars is the perfect place to forget his former job and the picture-perfect family he almost had. Instead, he is determined to focus on the only things that matter—his daughter Olive and the vineyard.

But when Kel and Maggie keep crossing paths, he can’t resist her sparkling charm and rosé-colored view of life. Maggie is intrigued by Kel’s complex notes and the soft heart he hides behind his gruff exterior. Opposites may attract, but will their budding relationship turn into sour grapes, or a delicious red blend?

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