Jasmine's Story

Author: Rosa Mink
Category: Erotic | Romance
Total pages: 31

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Jasmine's Story

Finding a love like her parents and siblings have is something Jasmine’s been longing for. She just didn’t know she’d find it with someone like her daddy, not that she’s complaining though, because one look at Adam and sweet Cleo, and she wants forever with them.

There are two really important men in my life. My dad and my twin Jamison. I love them both but there’s one more man I’ve been longing to find—one that’ll love me as much as my dad loves my mom, my brothers love their wives, my sister’s spouses love them. That fairy tale hasn’t happened to me yet, but I want it more than anything.

Until then, I do what I love, planning parties to make others happy. Not knowing the man of my fairy tale dreams is about to walk through that door. The only problem? He has a sweet little girl with him and there’s no way a woman would give up this hunk. But maybe I’m about to get a little help from the magic Mom did when she met Dad, because Cleo calls him Uncle Adam, and he just let me know he’s single. Wedding bells, babies, and happily ever after are dancing through my head. The only questions will be, does he feel the same, and will the other two men in my life approve? I hope so, because I don’t want to give them up.

I’ve been doing my best to raise my niece the last two years since her mother died. The last year hasn’t been easy in any way and Cleo isn’t happy. Switching schools was supposed to keep her safe, make things better, not make her miserable, and I know part of it is my fault. I don’t know what I’m doing with a kid, but I know I want her to be happy. When she comes home upset that all the other girls in her class are invited to a birthday party, I get an idea. Throw her one of her own, hoping it’ll get others to come and make her smile.

Only, I don’t know the first thing about putting together a soon to be ten-year old’s birthday party, so I go to the best. And meet the woman of my dreams. Dreams I didn’t know I had until I saw Jasmine, and now, I’m not about to let her go. She’s bringing back the happy Cleo I’ve missed and filling me with all kinds of new needs. Including more kids around my place, which is not something I ever anticipated wanting. One night in my arms isn’t close to enough, no, Jasmine’s mine. Now all I need to do is meet her family and get her father’s permission. But let’s be honest, I’m not taking no for answer. The moment she called me daddy, she sealed herself to me, but I’ll be nice and let the man know I’ll love her forever.

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