Trial of Destiny

Author: Juliane Maibach
Category: Romance | Paranormal
Total pages: 63

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Trial of Destiny

I fall to my knees and the scene relentlessly plays out in my mind’s eye. Ayden’s collapse, all that blood. I hear his ragged breathing, erratic and labored. His gaze burning into me and then losing focus before it fades once and for all. It all happened so fast. I didn’t even have time to say goodbye. He just stopped breathing, and my whole world stood still.

Teresa can’t believe it – she refuses to accept it. Ayden’s gone? It can’t be true...

But that’s not the only thing Teresa has to battle with. The Council inevitably investigates the events that occurred in the Fabrici house. With horrifying consequences for Teresa. She’s forced to prove her gift and undergo a test. Without knowing what to expect, she steps into an arena to face her destiny. And it delivers a crushing blow...

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