Bad Habits

Author: Natalie Knight
Category: M-M Romance | Romance | Erotic
Total pages: 39

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Bad Habits

Vulnerability was a shade I never wore. Yet here I was, falling head over heels for a pretentious f*ck and some high-class d!ck.

I hated Weston Asheborune with every fiber in my body. Or that’s what I told myself over the years.
Now I’m f*cked, we’ve f*cked and the walls I’ve built up to protect my heart are crashing down.
There’s one problem though: I’m not doing much to stop the downfall.
I came home with one reason in mind – to get what was owed to me and move on.
Choosing between Weston and running away was my biggest decision.
And I was leaning toward the former.

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