Til Death Do Us Part…Or Not

Author: Annee Jones
Category: Paranormal | Romance
Total pages: 16

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Til Death Do Us Part…Or Not

They left this part out at the academy…and now I’m sowing what I didn’t reap…

My name is Ainsley Adams, and unbeknownst to most, I’m a Reaper. I settled in the town of Hideaway Hills after graduation, married a nice electrician, and we purchased a cute little house on the lake to start our life together. Things were going along swimmingly.

Or so I thought. After discovering my husband in bed with another woman, I did what any other wronged wife would do – I picked up a frying pan and bopped the good-for-nothing louse over the head with it.

I didn’t think I’d hit him that hard, but apparently it was enough, and now he’s dead. Only, it wasn’t supposed to be his time to go. As the only Reaper in the county, I had to act quickly to fix my mistake. Even though I knew nothing about Necromancy, I figured it had to be the opposite of my job, right? So, I worked a spell in reverse. Much to my horror, it backfired, and now Edward is half-alive and following me around like a lovesick puppy dog.

Meanwhile, in my human job as an EMT, things have been heating up after a string of deaths – none of which I was personally responsible for – and it looks like there’s a serial killer on the loose. What’s worse, I smell magic afoot. And I’m not the only one to suspect something’s very wrong in Hideaway Hills. Sheriff Logan Grey is suddenly hot on my tail like I’m the Easter Bunny who stole his chocolate.

Now I’ve got a zombie to alive, a husband to divorce, and a murderer to nab before I lose my Reaper card. I just hope I don’t get distracted by the size of Sheriff Logan’s pecs…or how my body sizzles every time he looks at me…

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