Take You Down

Author: Michae Marie
Category: Romance
Total pages: 101

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Take You Down


I’m back on the road with my best friends finally giving our fans the tour they deserve.

But a lot can happen in a year on hiatus, and the cohesiveness we’ve had as a band for years is starting to slip through our fingers. Onstage, we’re on top of the world. Behind the scenes, we’re falling apart.

Tensions are on the rise as we go from city to city, but I find the perfect distraction in the form of our tour's opening act.

From the moment I heard her voice, haunted and lost, I was desperate to hear more. But with a guarded heart and a case of iron will, I have to tread carefully when it comes to Scarlett Lane.


I’ve hid my words behind other’s voices for long enough.

On a cross country tour, claiming my songs as my own with my mentor and one of the world’s most popular bands, I finally feel like I’m doing what I’ve always been meant to do.

But the heaviness that has hung over me for so many years doesn’t just go away, and neither does the desire for a drink, even with two years of sobriety under my belt.

With growing fame comes fortune and recognition for my talent, but it also strips away every piece of privacy I’ve had and flays me open for public scrutiny.

I’ve always told myself that the music comes first but will James Walker make this new life in the spotlight worth it?

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