Plain Jade

Author: Sam Crescent
Category: Adult | Romance | Erotic
Total pages: 38

**This book is available for download only.
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Plain Jade


Jade Newton knows she's not a beautiful woman. She'd been told all of her life that she didn’t have what it took to interest a man. After many failed dates, and embarrassing moments, she finally decides to call an end to all dating. On the walk home, on the final date, Jade is attacked. She tried to fend off her attacker, but it's too late as the world goes dark.

One feminine scream, that was all it took to stop Braxton on his way from another kill.

He knows he should ignore it, but he can't. Finding an unconscious woman in the alleyway about to be assaulted, he has no choice but to put a stop to it. Death is all he knows, and that is exactly what he offers.

As for the woman, he takes her to the warehouse where he is currently staying, and helps her.

She is not supposed to ask any questions. Her mystery man keeps on turning up. She doesn’t know his name, but she finds herself falling for the man who saved and protected her.

He needs to leave her alone. Jade is not part of his world, but Braxton finds himself going back again and again, and again. He cannot stop himself. There is no room in his life for love. Or is there?

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