Darkest Sins

Author: Neva Altaj
Category: Dark | Romance | Erotic | Crime | Adult
Total pages: 113

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Darkest Sins


In a night of blood and death,
Fate brought us together.
I thought I was saving the life of an innocent man,
A man I'd never see again.
I was wrong.

A slight shift in the air.
A glint of silver eyes in the darkness.
I may not see him, but I know he's there.
My angel of death,
Lurking in the shadows,
Watching over me.
Protecting me,
Before disappearing into thin air,
Until we meet again.

A man who took a bullet for me,
But he won't touch me,
Love me,
Or even share his name.


Darkness. Pain. Blood.
It's all I have ever known.
An empty shell of a human being,
No heart. No soul. No dreams.
Surrounded by death,
I was a dead man walking.

But then, her light shone through my darkness,
Breathing life into my dead soul.
My fearless tiger cub,
My only reason to keep living.

Every time I have to leave her in the light,
My black heart breaks and bleeds,
As I retreat to the shadows,
Where I belong.

I cannot change the past,
Cannot take back what I have done.
My darkest sin.

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