Accidentally Pregnant to the Italian Tycoon

Author: Clare Connelly
Category: Adult | Romance | Billionaire Romance
Total pages: 62

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Accidentally Pregnant to the Italian Tycoon

In the icy grip of winter, a warm heart meets a frozen one. Can Georgia thaw Dante's cold exterior and show him the warmth of true love?

Stranded in Lake Como one stormy winter's afternoon, Georgia finds herself face to face with a true Billionaire Beast, a man who's known so much loss, he just wants to hide himself away as much as possible. But sunshiney Georgia is just the dose of light Dante needs, and when sparks fly, he's powerless to contain them.

A baby is the last thing either of them wants, but when Georgia falls pregnant after their one-night-tryst, they're forced to find a way to be in one another's lives, for the sake of their son. Will Georgia's sunshine and light prove powerful enough to thaw Dante's frozen cold heart? Or will this billionaire resist all of her charms, because he's been too badly hurt in the past?

Accidentally Pregnant to the Italian Tycoon is a riveting romance that explores the power of love to heal, the strength required to change and the courage it takes to embrace the unexpected. If you’re a fan of heartwarming stories with captivating characters, emotional depth and a love that defies the odds, then this book is for you.