Deadly Rescue

Author: Jenna Gunn
Category: Action | Romance
Total pages: 101

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Deadly Rescue

When a high-stakes rescue op goes wrong a bullet could mean the end or a chance at forever love.

Agile's Security's mission to rescue an innocent hostage spirals into chaos, putting former spy Simona Novotny, in the crosshairs of danger.

As bullets fly, her life hangs by a thread, saved only by the skilled hands of the team's new trauma surgeon.

Sparks flare between Simona and the undaunted Dr. Jameson 'Scotch' Scott.

Too bad she’s infuriated by everything the muscle-bound Navy hero represents.

Tension mounts between them as the mysterious threat from her past intensifies.

The danger reawakens Simona's covert nature, making her want to pull back from the Agile Team. She must confront her dark past as the lines between ally and enemy blur, leaving her uncertain who to trust.

In a world of danger, trust is a luxury and love is a vulnerability.

But Scotch refuses to back down and is determined to challenge her instinct to go at it alone.

He and the Agile team won’t stop until the threats against Simona are eliminated and he has a chance to make her his forever.

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