Python (Reapers Rejects MC)

Author: Elizabeth Knox
Category: Romance | MC | Erotic
Total pages: 68

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Python (Reapers Rejects MC)

From the second I laid eyes on her, I was determined to make her mine.


I always thought I’d be the kind of man who stayed on the road his whole life. It turned out I was wrong.

My old friend, Razor, brought me into the Reapers Rejects MC and now I had a place to land, a place to call home, and a brotherhood I never knew I needed.

Being in the club had been going good, but shit went awry when Oakleigh wanted to check out a local cat cafe. Razor was tied up, and no one else would go with her.

I wasn’t about to let our VP’s woman head into the middle of the city by herself, so I volunteered.

That cafe is where I saw a woman I could only muster up in my dreams.

I’d never had a woman before. I was always floating around from place to place, so it didn’t make much sense.

With some solid roots in the ground, I thought it was time to find the woman for me.

Man, I prayed it was her.