Stalking Rose (Under His Tree)

Author: Nichole Rose
Category: Romance | Erotic
Total pages: 19

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Stalking Rose (Under His Tree)

The King of Belldonnia will do whatever it takes to win over his soulmate. Stalking her isn’t out of the question.


I thought my brother was nuts when he met, claimed and married his soulmate within the blink of an eye. Little did I know that fate has me in its sights. Who knew taking a short trip to visit my brother and his new wife in America would lead me to her? One look at the curvy little blonde walking down the Main Street and I know what all the fuss is.

Discovering my gorgeous soulmate is actually, Rose LeBlanc, my new sister-in-law's best friend, should cool my jets a little, but I don't care about all the problems our new relationship could cause. What the King of Belldonnia wants, he gets. And I want her.

Now, I’ll do whatever it takes to make her mine. Who cares if stalking is illegal? I have diplomatic immunity.


You met Rose and Lorenzo in The Prince! They're getting their own happily ever after in my story, Stalking Rose.


This holiday season we're bringing you a steamy instalove collaboration hot enough to melt the North Pole. These hunky hotties are in for a great shock when each one finds Ms. Right in the most unexpected of places. Under His Tree.


Curl up in front of the fireplace as these Christmas beauties teach their men a few timely lessons in giving and receiving on their way to a steamy holiday-ever-after.