Author: Diane Portman-Ray
Category: Erotic | Adult | Romance
Total pages: 114

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Embark on a thrilling journey into the dangerous heart of 1990s New York City with this gripping mafia romance that defies the boundaries of forbidden love. In the glitzy world of the Nucci Famiglia, a tempestuous love story unfolds, shaking the very foundations of organized crime. Meet Catherinelle, the headstrong mafia princess ready to taste freedom and passion. Her sights are set on Hugo Mustafa, the enigmatic bodyguard known on the streets as the Albanian Monster. An orphan raised and molded into the deadliest killer within the Cosa Nostra, Hugo's sole purpose is to serve the Don. However, when tasked with guarding Catherinelle, he finds himself straddling the thin line between loyalty and desire. Overnight, Cat transforms into a stunning beauty that is increasingly difficult for Hugo to ignore. His anger simmers, his desires harden, creating a volatile combination that threatens to spiral out of control. She is a princess, and he is a monster, but every touch between them sends shockwaves through the very ground they stand on, rendering restraint impossible. Hugo's pledge of loyalty to Catherinelle's brother, Gino, crumbles beneath the magnetic pull of their taboo love. Their union is a collision of two worlds—one of privilege and power, the other of grit and danger. Can their love survive the tumultuous clash, or will it unravel, leaving a trail of chaos and desire in its wake?