Satin Empire

Author: B.B. Hamel
Category: Adult | Romance | Erotic | Crime
Total pages: 80

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Satin Empire

I accidentally stripped at my arranged fiancee’s club.
It lasted ten seconds before he dragged me off stage.
But his possessive jealousy woke something in me…

I wasn’t born into the mafia and I’m still trying to find my place in the world.

Too bad my stepfather is forcing me to marry Carlo Rossi, the gorgeous and vicious son of the powerful Rossi Famiglia.

Carlo is handsome in a way that makes my brain do stupid things, but I never wanted this life for myself.

Everyone thinks Carlo is some smiling, happy guy, except I’ve seen the ugly darkness hiding under his surface.

And he doesn't seem interested in letting me escape now that he's gotten his first taste.

I just might escape this nightmare of a marriage in one piece if I can resist his toxic control and intense touch.

But all Carlo really wants is me.